Special road show for MPV G10

全领域MPV G10路演首发 “两翼”产品战略形成 上汽大通突破第一阵营格局挑战行业领军地位

The SAIC Motor Maxus, a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd, rolled out its MPVG10 commercial vehicle at the Auto Guangzhou show, on Nov 21, along with its V80 family of vehicles, including a 2014 deluxe model, 2014 logistics model, 2014 special purpose model, and Maxus business vehicle, with the Maxus V80 series attracting a lot of attention. SAIC Motor Maxus organized a special road show for the MPVG10, a landmark vehicle. To better meet the needs of the MPV market and its various customers,and diversify and improve its product line, the company uses innovation to push changes in the industry, and uses leading technology and competitive products to rise up in the business and increase its market share and provide the best products and services.

At the upper end, the MPV market is currently dominated by joint-venture brands and both the upper and lower ends of that market are well-developed and, in fact, saturated, but the enormous mid-market area has generally been ignored, with no particular brand dominating. Now, as the market economy and customer demand grow, there is an urgent need for economical, efficient, comfortable MPVs that are suited to business. And SAIC Motor Maxus has seen this business opportunity and has responded by developing a new MPV model that meets a range of market demands.

全领域MPV G10路演首发 “两翼”产品战略形成 上汽大通突破第一阵营格局挑战行业领军地位

SAIC Motor Maxus, whose key concept is “Driving into the future” with a “green efficiency and technology” approach, has used the advantages and resources of SAIC Motor for its concept commercial vehicle, G10, which debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show, back in April. Then, less than six months later, Maxus had its MPVG10 debut, accompanied by a road show that gave customers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the G10. This new commercial vehicle is the result of cooperation with prominent foreign companies, with a unique competitive advantage in the use of forward-looking technology, a modern look, highly-efficient power system, and advanced chassis, safety features, interior, and configuration. The G10 uses Italian design from a top-class company, Torino Design and is the perfect balance of elegance and spaciousness.

This commercial vehicle is equipped with a new generation of high-tech, very-efficient engine, with a very high – 82.5kw/per liter – power ratio. Its power, noise control, and fuel consumption match the latest in international standards and it has a world-class ZF automatic transmission, and the latest engine control system from BOSCH, making it both powerful and smooth. The MPVG10 also has a LOTUS chassis, from Britain, a European designed frame, and a new generation of ESP safety system from BOSCH. The G10 is more spacious than other MPVs on the market, with three or four rows of seats available, and different choices of interior that cater to different demands. In addition, it is user-friendly, with a deluxe automatic panoramic sunroof, no-key start, one-touch starting, automatic windshield wipers, multi-function steering wheel, and AFSHID headlights. The latest in technology and the deluxe configuration can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. The G10 is scheduled to be available in the first half of 2014.

全领域MPV G10路演首发 “两翼”产品战略形成 上汽大通突破第一阵营格局挑战行业领军地位

SAIC Motor Maxus also had its 2014 V80 series of vehicles on display at Auto Guangzhou, including a deluxe commercial model, logistics vehicle model, and a school bus model, all of which are considered landmarks and the special products valued by many customers. The V80 model caters to commuter and traveler needs, both powerful and practical, with an improved appearance and interior. The standard commercial vehicle engine is 136 horsepower, delivering greater power and efficiency. It can accommodate as many as 16 seats in a varied-arrangement to provide greater luggage space. As a leader in the logistics sector, the V80 logistics model has greater room for cargo with a variable seat-arrangement. A newer model with a lower roof is convenient for basement parking. The V80 school bus model meets every light school bus and safety requirement and is a model of specialized, intelligent, safe school bus design. The Maxus deluxe commercial vehicle is spacious and comfortable in its seating and has a top-quality lighting system, making it a competitive choice in the mid-to-high-end range. In short, the V80 family of commercial vehicles, with its pioneering technology, is the choice for every customer.

全领域MPV G10路演首发 “两翼”产品战略形成 上汽大通突破第一阵营格局挑战行业领军地位

SAIC Motor Maxus increased its competitiveness, in 2013, through “technology, speed, and value”, and with its brand power and services, it is among the leaders in European-style wide-body vehicles and light commercial vehicles, and is changing the landscape with its innovations, creating value for customers. SAIC Motor Maxus has set an industry record by selling more than 10,000 units in a very short time. And, its G10, the first concept MPV commercial vehicle, has earned the “Model of the Year” award. The 2014 models in the V80 series are themselves trendsetters and the company’s adherence to national emission control standards is an example that all commercial vehicles can follow and, in after-sale services, it is trying to set a global benchmark.

The bold technological and marketing innovations of SAIC Motor Maxus have meant rapid growth in both the domestic and global markets and its domestic market share stands at 8 percent, while Maxus is also a leader in commercial vehicle exports and it has become a very valuable commercial vehicle brand. The MPVG10 road show, at Auto Guangzhou, was a landmark of its own in promoting the country’s commercial vehicles, and is expected to usher in a new era for the company’s marketing strategy and market share.

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