Maxus now a ‘third pole’ in China’s light commercial vehicle market


Maxus now a ‘third pole’ in China’s light commercial vehicle market

Since the launch of an autumn campaign in August, SAIC Maxus, a commercial vehicle marque owned by SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co, has seen rapid growth in sales, winning deals from government departments such as the Ministry of Agriculture.

In less than three years since it hit the market, Maxus output and sales both have exceeded 30,000 units. With a market share of nearly 15 percent, Maxus has become the “third pole” of China’s light commercial vehicle market, and its popularity is even surpassing JMC Transit and IVECO, two traditional brands in this field.

In addition, Maxus has released a brand new MPV G10, the first of its kind in China, drawing much attention and scoring good sales performance after its debut on the market. Together with Buick GL8, the SAIC Motor’s MPV duo is likely to lead the next golden decade of China’s MPV market.

Autumn campaign fruitful

As of early August, Maxus sales had surpassed 10,000 units, exceeding its sales for the whole year of 2013. In particular, the sales of the V80 surged by 85.5 percent in the same period compared with last year, against the segment’s average growth of just 5.8 percent for the period, presenting the amazing “Maxus growth” for a third year in a row.

In order to extend the winning streak, Maxus kicked off the autumn campaign in August, which was aimed to increase the system’s overall strength in addition to boosting sales. It covered promotion of products and the band, improvement on after-sales services, and consolidation and expansion of distribution channels.

Sales were the definite spotlight of the campaign. In August, a total of nearly 2,000 Maxus vans were sold, which helped Maxus’s output and sales break their respective 30,000-unit mark since the brand was first unveiled on the market. It also helped SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle beat rivals in attaining the twin goals first.

In September, Maxus posted sales of 2,248 units, a historic high and an increase of 84.5 percent year-on-year. Its V80 registered rising sales in August and September, taking up a market share of nearly 15 percent. Cumulative sales of V80 had reached 11,252 units by September, at a growth rate of more than 10 times the industry average. In addition, the G10 became a “black horse” in the medium and high-end MPV market, its sales reaching 1,820 units in merely two months since the beginning of its official delivery to customers. Together, the V80 and G10 helped Maxus climb to a new historic high in terms of both sales and market share.

Through cooperation with top global competitions and international conferences, especially from being designated the official car provider for the Youth Olympic Games and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Summit, the Maxus brand got a great boost by presenting its world-class products to the whole world, helping lift the enterprise to a higher stage of development.

Also, Maxus is working hard to improve its services. The company organized events such as sales competitions and after-sales competitions to display its first-class services to customers. Besides, it is constantly enhancing the attraction of distribution channels. On the opening day of its autumn campaign, Maxus gathered its key distributors to discuss short and mid-term plans, boosting morale among its distributors and consolidating backup for more marketing activities in the coming months.

More activities

Following the success of the autumn campaign, Maxus has rolled out more marketing activities, including products promotion, test driving, after-sales services and Maxus owner exploration expeditions to the car plant.

Owners and new buyers of the V80 enjoy a series of preferential policies, such as enhanced equipment, free oil cards, surprising gifts for making orders, gifts for loyal buyers, and after-sales maintenance. Customers can also sign up for a test drive of the V80 and G10, which will offer fascinating driving experience, as well as free gifts and interactive games.

Maxus also has carried out a series of after-sales special activities. During the National Day “Golden Week” holiday, the company provided customers with all-around examination services. During the “11/11” online shopping spree period, Maxus engineers provided free examination services to logistics companies including SF Express, DHL, YTO Express and TTK Express. In addition, to enhance connection with car buyers, the company organized an exploration expedition for its G10 owners, who not only visited the G10 production lines at Maxus’s factory located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, and heard expert ideas in car use and maintenance, but also had the opportunity to win free gifts and oil cards.

The autumn campaign not only was aimed at the yearly target, but also eyed the overall improvement on production capacity, market share, brand recognition and after-sales services. Through the activity, Maxus has consolidated its status as an industry leader and became well prepared for the next round of marketing activities, with the ambition to make better achievements in the future.

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