MAXUS offers delivery firms special services for Singles’ Day

双十一物流配送压力大 上汽大通售后重码保畅通

SAIC MAXUS launched special aftersales services for users in the logistics industry from November 1 to 20, during which delivery demands surged and culminated on China’s Singles Day, on November 11, the country’s busiest online shopping day.

The “11/11” services not only helped logistics enterprises accomplish intensive transport tasks, but also gave them real benefits through offering discounts.

As a supplier of commercial vans for major courier companies in the country, MAXUS offered users custom-made “11/11” maintenance services. During the period, more than 20 items, such as powertrain, chassis and doors, were on the free safety check list, free refilling of engine oil, coolant and brake fluid was also available. Another 18 preventative maintenance measures, targeting air conditioning, braking systems and others, were also provided to minimize potential risks and ensure safety. In addition, a 12 percent discount was given on 36 air conditioning accessories for winter.

MAXUS offered on-the-spot, around-the-clock maintenance services for major users in the logistics industry. Lectures on vehicle use and maintenance in winter were also given. Users busy with their work during daytime were able to make appointments for nighttime repair and maintenance services, and MAXUS promised delivery within 24 hours except for major overhauls.

Upholding the philosophy of “maximizing the interests of consumers” over the years, MAXUS has offered a series of high-quality, top-class commercial vehicles and services and gained more and more endorsements from consumers from home and abroad.

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