SAIC Maxus T60 makes global premiere at Auto Guangzhou


The SAIC Maxus T60 made its world premiere at the China (Guangzhou) Automobile Exhibition, or Auto Guangzhou, on Nov 18, 2016, along with the Maxus Concept SUV D90, a new recreational vehicle (RV), and the Maxus G10 China-V AT diesel version.

As SAIC’s first pickup truck built based on its global thinking and integration of advantageous global resources, the T60 marked a milestone in SAIC’s history. It was also a major product resulting from the company’s “X plus strategy” under its 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). Guided by the customer-to-business (C2B) philosophy of intelligent mass customization, the development of T60, D90 and RV vehicles helped the “X plus strategy” penetrate deeper across a wider range of the company’s products.

Priced between 99,800 to 199,800 yuan ($14,341-28,711), the T60 lives up to international standards and gives consumers the best product and services at an affordable price.

T60, first C2B customization car

As one of the major implementers of the “X plus strategy”, Maxus shoulders the responsibility of developing C2B intelligent mass customization. For more than 100 years, there never had been any fundamental change in the auto industry’s business models, which only experienced adjustments in technology and scale. In the internet age, SAIC has sensed new opportunities to make a change and made user-centered personalized and flexible manufacturing a new trend, in addition to new energy and intelligent technology.





To attain SAIC’s strategic goal of “global presence and multinational operation”, the T60 will tap international markets during the 13th Five-Year Plan, with the aim to boost its overseas sales to about half of its total. As a globalized product, it boasts five major advantages:

(1) Cutting-edge technology. The T60 is equipped with a VM diesel engine originating from Europe. The engine adopts the VGT technology and the Bosch 4th generation common rail injection systems, able to deliver a maximum power of 110KW and a peak torque of 360Nm. At an overall fuel consumption of just 7.5L per 100 km, it meets the Euro 6 emission standard. It also adopts the innovative Normal/Eco/Power driving modes, allowing drivers to switch to one of the three different driving modes according to road conditions, and additional innovations to further improve driving experience.

(2) Five-star safety ratings. The T60 has been designed according to Australia’s newest A-NCAP five-star safety ratings system. The T60 has adopted thermoforming, the first time such a technique has ever been used in pickup making, and laser beam welding has also been used to help improve the strength of its body. The van is equipped with six airbags, 360-degree panoramic camera system, and lane departure warning and driver drowsiness detection systems to provide all-round safety protection.

(3) Excellent ride experience. The T60 offers unprecedented driving and ride experience as the first domestic pickup equipped with 6AT and PEPS, together with intelligent technologies including automatic air conditioning, CCS, and six-direction electrically powered and electrically heated seats.

(4) Rich options. Maxus has implemented the C2B customization philosophy in building the T60, which comes in a variety of versions to better meet consumers’ diversified needs. It is available in different body structures and offers alternatives of gasoline/diesel, 2WD/4WD, MT/AT and high/low chassis.

(5) Car on the internet. The pickup is equipped with the YunOS intelligent system on the internet, which was jointly developed by SAIC and Alibaba, to provide users with the unprecedented experiences brought by a car on the internet, including intelligent management, internet access, remote control and voice recognition.

Currently, there is a huge gap between the international and domestic pickup markets, which also means enormous market opportunities for carmakers. The T60 will bridge the gap and meet the needs of its global users. At the T60’s release, Maxus has announced pricing of the range. The flagship version settles at 199,800 yuan; the 2WD, 6AT version is priced between 123,800 to 161,800 yuan; the 2WD, MT version, between 99,800 to 149,800 yuan; the 4WD, 6AT version, between 137,800 to 179,800 yuan; and the 4WD, MT version, between 123,800 to 165,800 yuan. In China, only Maxus has the ability and faith to let users enjoy such experiences and services as those brought by this highly cost-effective T60.

Full-size Maxus Concept SUV D90

The D90, an SUV developed under the C2B strategy, was the first car to let users participate in the process of car making ever in history. Users can participate in a series of phases – definition, development, verification, pricing, configuration and improvement.



According to statistics, in the definition phase, Maxus focused on 18 points of the definition of the D90, conducted offline surveys on 1,119 targeted users, interacted with 31,125 users on online platforms and invited 25 well-known SUV experts to test-drive rival SUVs. In the end, Maxus received more than 30,000 pieces of advice

In the development phase, Maxus gave a detailed list of components, opened 60-plus design points, and co-organized with the Visual China Group a national D90 design contest, which received 1,286 works from eight colleges. At Auto Guangzhou, Maxus displayed the D90 mockups contributed by contesters – in all-terrain, urban and sports versions – and their semi-manufactured models, of which the wheel hub, key, front grills and the shift knob were all designed through C2B users’ participation. So far, 4,646 users have ordered the D90.

In the verification stage, Maxus invited users who had ordered the D90 to a show of its engineering prototypes, the first domestic carmaker to do so one year prior to its release. Next, users will have the opportunity to participate in test-driving programs in China’s Golmud and Heihe, Dubai and Australia to experience in person the D90’s engine performance and all-terrain capability, as well as comfortability and safety performance.

As a pioneer, the Maxus C2B model will bring great benefits to consumers. The D90 offers 23 options covering sunroof, number of seats and bigger screen for better internet experience. Users are allowed to make their own choice and don’t have to buy what is unnecessary for them. They can track the whole process of manufacturing, shipment and delivery, and will be compensated if there is any delay. Moreover, all optional components have been certificated by the mainframe maker. Users can experience in person the joy of making a car, from the definition of the model to its design and development, to experiments and test-drives, and to configurations.

Maxus working to forge China’s top RV brand

C2B customization suits RVs perfectly well, as RVs are always noted for their personality. Working to forge China’s No 1 RV brand, Maxus has rolled out a leading product in the sector and will join hands with others to shape the RV ecosystem.




At Auto Guangzhou, Maxus presented its latest 6AMT Type C Motorhome, which comprises well designed and constructed living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. For instance, the vehicle has rotatable driver’s and assistant driver’s seats to allow several people to share the living room. It is also equipped with the Bosch ESP+HHC and the ABS+EBD+BAS safety systems. In order to make high quality RVs, Maxus is building China’s first RV plant in Liyang, east China’s Jiangsu province. Upon completion, the Lijiang RV facility will be China’s most advanced and largest R&D and manufacturing base for RVs, and with an annual output of over 16,000 units it can satisfy demand on the Chinese market.

Maxus is steadily pushing forward the development of a RV ecosystem. In southwest China, it is working with PetroChina to build micro RV camps at the latter’s outlets to resupply independent travelers; and in the Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, it is building a RV camp to provide camping and rental services to travelers.

The Maxus G10 China-V AT diesel version and the 2017 V80 version also debuted on the Guangzhou show, providing users with more choices. The G10 China-V diesel version is the only diesel model on China’s medium-to-high-end MPV market. Its prominent advantages include enhanced driving experience, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise. During a fuel saving contest in 2016, it achieved the best result of 4.83L per 100 km, a perfect balance between dynamics and fuel consumption. The 2017 V80 version sees improvements in headlights, seat belts, seats and other components to make the vehicle more safe and comfortable.

From January to October 2016, Maxus sold 37,112 vehicles in total, up 32 percent from the same period of 2015. Defying a declining medium-to-high-end MPV market, the G10 saw sales total 14,604 units, securing a market share of 19.2 percent. The V80, with sales totaling 22,508 units, seized a market share of 19.6 percent in the same period, amid an overall sluggish market. In particular, the China-V V80 became the segment champion, with 8,497 units sold to seize a market share of more than 40 percent. The release of newer versions of V80 and G10 and upgraded products will further sharpen the company’s competitive edge on the market.

Under the guidance of SAIC’s 13th Five-Year Plan, Maxus is working to roll out more competitive products, enrich its product portfolios and innovate business models, in a bid to grow into a domestic market leader and a strong competitor on the international market. In the future, Maxus will continue to uphold its brand philosophy, which emphasizes technology, reliability and initiative, to create greater value for its users, employees and partners. It will take on more strategic responsibility and make contributions to the implementation of SAIC’s 13th Five-Year Plan.


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