SAIC Motor donates ambulances to Guangxi and Shaanxi

SAIC Motor donates ambulances to Guangxi and Shaanxi

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, together with Shanghai Tobacco Group Co Ltd, denoted 16 ambulances to the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and Shaanxi province on Nov 29 and 30, 2017, with an aim of helping more people gain access to medical assistance.

The two companies had already jointly donated ambulances to other areas with poor medical conditions in Hainan and Qinghai province, as well as the Tibet autonomous region.  The denoted ambulances were Maxus V80 models, fully qualified as medical assistance vehicles.  

Customized ambulances for emergency treatment

Guangxi, in Southwest China, has complicated landforms and more frequently suffers from flood and drought disasters. There is also a large coverage gap in Shaanxi province. The two areas’ special natural environments have hindered development of their medical and health services. Emergency treatment requires safe, reliable and efficient ambulances to guarantee good service. Only vehicles with high performances in dynamics, space and comfort can undertake the task and the 16 Maxus V80 vehicles are among them.

As a high-end automobile brand, SAIC Maxus was the first enterprise in China to adopt the Customer to Business (C2B) model which guided design of the donated ambulances. The design incorporates characteristics of medical services in China.

Installed with an environmentally-friendly Eco-D diesel engine and a Bosch third-generation high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, the V80 has the merits of high-power, low fuel consumption and low emissions. It is also the only wide-body light bus in China equipped with a 6AMT (Automatic and Manual Transmission). The intelligent rear air suspension system stabilizes the car body, guaranteeing rapid and safe emergency rescue.

In addition to their novel appearance, the V80 ambulances are also customized for professional use. They are equipped with first-aid supplies and have isolated and spacious emergency rooms which can monitor patients’ vital signs and provide temporary critical medical services. The ambulances are also able to deal with outdoor public health events.

To better serve patients and medical personnel, the interior accessories and cabinets are made of molded high polymer materials that are easy to clean and disinfect and corrosion resistant. All the electric appliances on the vehicle are controlled by integrated microcomputers. There are also illumination, exhaust and air-conditioning systems to meet rescue requirements. The cabinets are equipped with enough 220v and 12V electric sockets. The integrated body-frame is made of ultra high-strength steel, greatly enhancing the vehicle’s security performance.

Undertake social responsibilities and do charity activities

An automobile giant in China, SAIC Motor wishes to become a world-famous automobile enterprise featuring a spirit of innovation. While promoting transformation and upgrading to drive the development of the automobile industry in China, SAIC Motor also undertakes social responsibilities to advance a sustainable economy, society and the environment.

Ambulance donation is not the only public benefit activity organized by SAIC Motor and Shanghai Tobacco Co Ltd – a large State-owned enterprise. The two companies started their charity work in 2012 and have donated more than 100 shuttle buses to schools in Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong, Shaanxi, and other provinces around the country, aiming to improve traffic conditions for local students. In 2013, SAIC Motor donated 30 Maxus vehicles to the Shanghai Senior Citizen Foundation to help the elderly live more convenient lives. In 2017, another 16 Maxus G10 Plus MPVs were donated to the foundation.

SAIC Maxus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor, also engages in charity activities and has helped thousands of cataract patients from poverty-stricken families recover their sight. It also donated V80 multi-functional vehicles to the Singapore Disabled Persons Sports Association to help athletes commute between home and their training centers. By cooperating with Shou Qi Group, Maxus has also engaged in the online car-hailing business to provide service for people with physical difficulties.

Adhering to the core value of “technology, trust and progress”, Maxus keeps developing competitive products and providing high-end services to meet customer’s needs for different types of vehicles.

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