MG5 1.5T 6AT debuts at Auto Guangzhou

When SAIC Motor unveiled its new model MG51.5T6AT at the China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, on Nov 21, in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, was the moment when all MG model vehicles were on the market. And, this new MG brand has superb features such as speed and race car culture.

There are two MG51.5T6AT models, priced at 136,700 yuan ($ 22,524.86) and 119,700 yuan and powered by a 1.5T engine with a 6AT transmission and an inkaNet3.0 intelligent network driving system. The car immediately became a focus of Auto Guangzhou, while SAIC Motor also took the opportunity to unveil the MG5Geek to meet the online booking demands of young customers.

The high-performance power train of the MG cars carries on a tradition of racing and speed and, thanks to the combined efforts of Chinese and British designers and engineers, the MG51.5T6AT has gained the nickname of “monster on racing circuit” and the feel of a pioneer compact SUV. This model is expected to be a “star” that enhances the MG brand’s influence and reputation.

The power of innovation and British design

The compact SUV model, the MG51.5T6AT, designed by Chinese and British teams, comes with a 1.5T engine and 6AT transmission and has the power and performance of Germany’s deluxe SUVs.

The 1.5THyperboost engine combines the latest top-notch technologies, such as MFI (Multiport Fuel Injection), VTI (Variable Timing Injection), and Bi-Thermostat, and MHI TCI-Tech. Its powerful 95KW/5500rpm can generate 210N/meter at 2000 rpm in torque, which can match 2.0L engines and bring powerful performance and economy.

Its 6AT gearbox is more efficient in shifting gears. In shifting to sport mode, the power gets a great boost and revives the racing genes of the MG brand. The F1PaddleShift has the control of an F1 car and makes the MG5 perform like a “monster on the race course” and a “pioneer of compact SUVs”.

Intelligent driving makes life easier and more fun

One of the MG51.5T6AT’s outstanding features is the inkaNet3.0 intelligent network drive system, which SAIC developed with four years of experience and feedback from more than 100,000 car owners. It completely destroys the notion of a car as an “isolated info island” by bringing the mobile Internet to life in a car, and marks a revolution in car control, safety, and dealing with traffic jams and helps create a more colorful life for customers in the information era.

Its CPU memory can match iPhone5 standards and it can respond to a driver’s commands in real time. The driver can deal with navigation, music, messaging, and phoning via the intelligent voice cloud-computing system with a revolutionary “person-to-car dialogue” via voice, greatly increasing driver safety.

The inkaNet3.0 system also has a powerful database that is updated every minute to guarantee accuracy and it can suggest driving routes to avoid traffic jams, while helping the driver compute the time needed to get to a destination. The inkaNet3.0 has real-time traffic information on cities to help drivers easily avoid being caught in a traffic jam in all major cities across China.

Geek spirit - meeting the needs of online shopping era

At the China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, on Nov 21, in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, SAIC Motor also unveiled its MG5Geek, which is intended for younger drivers, who can now place orders online.

The MG51.5T6AT’s MG5Geek model is avant-garde, dynamic and trendy and is the perfect match for the Geek spirit, combining freedom, creativity, innovation and independence, which MG owners cherish. If customers want their own unique MG5Geek, all they need do is logging onto the MG5Geek website and selecting their uniquely tailored configuration simply by clicking, a feature of the e-commerce age,.

And, the European model of A0-class MG3, popular among young people, has also made its debut at Auto Guangzhou. This model is tailored to the European market and keeps all the features of MG3, while highlighting sports-utility functions, and it will soon be available on the domestic market.

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