High-performance MG GT now on the market


The MG GT, a high-performance, fashionable, mid-range vehicle of SAIC Motors hit the market, on Nov 1, offering more effective, interesting, and safer driving for young customers who are confident in following their heart and full of passion and bold enough to challenge anything. This car is sure to drive them to pursue their dreams.

The MG GT is the first model to use SAIC's CUBE - TECH, new generation powertrain, with nine models with 1.4T and 1.5T displacement to choose from, and priced 95,900 - 149,900 yuan. This car has become a model for small-displacement and high technology thanks to its SGE 1.4 TGI cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine, TST 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, start-stop intelligent energy-saving system, EPS electric power steering, and inkaNet4.0 intelligent network travel system and is the equal of any joint-venture brand.

Wang Xiaoqiu, vice-president of SAIC Motor, explains that this is a mid-range masterpiece from a talented team with a whole new design, powertrain, and intelligent technology and can meet the demands of young consumers for a personalized, intelligent vehicle. And it breathes new life into the MG brand and brings a positive energy to SAIC Motor’s passenger vehicles in a new era.

 High-performance MG GT now on the market

British style leads the way in individuality

The MG GT's exterior inherits MG family traits, and the sculpturing technique endows it with flexibility. The fastback design is reflecting MG’s athletic genes and is the perfect interpretation of young people's desire to express their individuality. The straight air-inlet grille and suspended blade intranet design reflect MG GT's fearless, aesthetic view of life among the younger generation. The tail lamp design adds the finishing touch to its outstanding appearance, with a one-piece rear light running horizontally that is rich with tension, satisfying color and function needs, and highlighting MG's trendy, unique characteristics.

 High-performance MG GT now on the market

Efficient power and free travel with passion

The MG GT uses SAIC CUBE-TECH, a new powertrain generation, with an SGE 1.4 TGI engine developed by SAIC Motor and the US’s General Motors, made of aviation-grade aluminum with cylinder direct injection, turbocharging, dual variable-valve timing, engine stop-start, and other advanced technology. It has 235 NM in maximum torque, putting it on a par with leading brands worldwide and it is paired with the brand new TST 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, with less than 0.2 seconds of shift time and a sensitivity that is comparable to an F1.

This optimal combination results in an acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers in 9.5 seconds and 5.9 liters/100 km in fuel consumption, fully satisfying the young consumers' needs for power, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Complementing the efficient power system is the chassis, which required 36 months of design work by experts from China and the UK, each with more than 20 years of experience. It takes into account the need for comprehensive control, great steering performance, and comfort, while extending the GT racing spirit.

InkaNet4.0 saves time and makes travel free

SAIC's inkaNet intelligent network travel system has seen a good market response from 200,000 users and the MG GT has an upgraded version in both software and hardware. The "Freedom of speech" function has stronger voice recognition, while the navigation, music, and search for a radio channel or a gas station, or controlling the constant temperature air conditioning, can be easily handled with just a few words, truly demonstrating the safety of the no-hands-off-the-wheel eyes-on-the-road driving concept. The holographic 3-dimensional navigation can take the initiative and avoid congestion by instantly choosing the optimal path in minutes, driving time, traffic-accident avoidance, and dynamic time-saving to provide an efficient driving experience and savings of around 20 percent in driving time on average.

 High-performance MG GT now on the market

Comprehensive safety makes for fearless travel

The MG GT provides all-round protection for passengers, with a more human design and plenty of security configurations, using a C-NCAP 5-star anti-collision design and stiff, but lightweight body structure, with 27 percent steel plate, surpassing 590MPa in strength, a JV brand B-class vehicle.

The MG GT also contains a high-standard pedestrian protection system, engine hood fracture buffer, bumper front-end reinforcement, and higher hood shield to minimize collisions or contact with pedestrians.

The GT vehicle used to be considered out of reach for younger consumers, but the MG GT holds the price to between 90,000 and 140,000 yuan, which younger people can afford, to help them realize their own "GT dream".

The SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co has also made some innovations in sales as a means of catering to younger consumers' social, consumption and lifestyle habits and has worked with to introduce a large MG GT test drive experience in 25 cities across the nation, from Nov 11, 2014 to mid February 2015. Customers can get immediate access to a test drive by downloading the app, iLoveMG.   

And, to give customers more ways to experience the MG GT, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle also signed a 1,200-MG GT purchase deal with eHi Car Service so young customers in 70 cities can enjoy and in-depth experience with the MG GT at eHi Car Service's 600 shops nationwide, this month.

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