Secret behind the MG GS outstanding braking performance revealed

As seen from consumer studies, performance and safety have become key factors influencing car purchase, and as a result SUVs have enjoyed continuous brisk sales in recent times.

On May 20, experts from SAIC Motor technical center revealed the secret behind the MG GS under pan structure and braking system, a key area of performance for the vehicle.

爱你,就给你安全感 解构名爵锐腾百公里刹车距离38米刹停的奥秘

According to the experts, a good framework and debugging is the foundation to unlocking smooth driving, steady operation and satisfactory steering and braking performance. SAIC Motor has integrated global resources and developed a strategic SUV structural platform (SSA) after three years of joint efforts with UK and Porsche teams. MG GS was the first to apply SSA, which makes it easy to operate, in addition to its lightness and comfortable ride. 

Macpherson-strut front suspension and SLA control blade design make for a flexible under pan on the MG GS. Drivers can not only maintain steady driving at high speed but also have an easier time changing track in an emergency and avoiding losing control, which gives the driver lots of confidence. The enhanced Macpherson independent suspension applies European sports-styled front suspension, and the tailored rear multi-connecting rod-styled independent suspension brings better control. The full-frame sub-frame applies an SUV under pan to ensure comfort and control. ZF Friedrichshafen's EPS power-assisted steering raises sensitivity and cuts oil consumption.

MG GS's outstanding under pan performance was an achievement from SAIC Motor technical team's virtual simulation experiment, objective test and subjective assessment. The vehicle's C-NCAP five-star crash standard and Continental AG's 15-in-one protection have comprehensively ensured driving safety.

爱你,就给你安全感 解构名爵锐腾百公里刹车距离38米刹停的奥秘

As a model in SUV safety, the MG GS has stood out in many authoritative safety tests on braking distance, which is an important measurement of braking safety. Its braking distance has been kept within 38 meters. The vehicle ranked on top of the SUV braking distance list by Chinese-based auto website, Auto Home. MG GS's shortest braking distance from 100 kph stands at 36.29 meters, 41 centimeters shorter than the second-placed Porsche Macan. The Mercedes Benz GLA came in third, with 37.09 meters. Ford’s Kuga 1.5L GTDi's length reached 40.44 meters.

The outstanding braking distance is attributed to the vehicle’s SSA structure and safe and efficient under pan braking.

Top performance has been a top priority for the MG GS. It’s under pan braking was developed after three years of hard work by more than 100 braking engineers from China and the UK. Originally-made breaking model selection and design software, branded braking parts and well-equipped braking systems were applied. CAE analysis and simulation was also used. The vehicle eventually passed all braking tests in extreme environments, including the Alps, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Mount Huang and China's polar region.

To explain the MG GS under pan braking system, one has to look at the vehicle's branded brake pad, brake discs, high performance tires and independent vacuum servos.

As the most vital safety part in the braking system, the MG GS brake pad comes from Federal Mogul, who has supplied illustrious clients such as Red Bull Racing Formula One team. The brake pad applies brand new upgraded high-performance ceramic brakes and is made of carcinogen-free, environmentally-friendly materials. It produces no odor after high-speed braking and causes no air pollution. 

爱你,就给你安全感 解构名爵锐腾百公里刹车距离38米刹停的奥秘

In addition, the MG GS also uses the biggest brake discs of its kind, which gives better braking performance. The addition of high-carbon ventilated discs reduces temperatures and maintains good performance at high capacity. The disc has passed computerized and digital quality tests and upgrades braking reliability.

The high-performance tires have also contributed to the great braking performance of the MG GS. The tire is made by Michelin and features strong road holding. It's paired with flexible 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels that have great performance in heat dissipation and resistance against deformity. It is an integration of fashion design and pragmatism and further ensures driving safety.

The MG GS can ensure the safest driving even in high-altitude regions, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Hoh Xil, so drivers can enjoy the cross-country experience to the fullest. The independent vacuum servo offers absolute vacuum with more than 95 percent of atmospheric pressure and upgrades braking length by 30 percent. The BDC brake disc automatic cleaning system also ensures driving safety in the rain or on icy surfaces.

More importantly, the cutting-edge braking NVH test equipment LINK has played an important role in research and development. The testing system can ensure experiments in practical working conditions, especially in extremely difficult road conditions, so the MG GS’s performance can be fully examined.

The under pan braking and 15-in-one safeguard system have consolidated the MG GS’s position as a model of high-performance mid-range SUV and helped the vehicle withstand the tests under icy and snowy conditions in polar regions. The sound safety performance has attracted many consumers’ attention. In addition, SAIC Motor’s new-generation efficient powertrain, the MGE2.0T turbocharged engine paired with TST 6-speed double clutch transmission and the AWD system have all made the MG GS a “must buy” in the mid-range SUV market.

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