MG track music festival brings the house down in Shanghai

The MG track music festival kicked off at Shanghai Masan racing field on July 19. The festival featured stunts by MG GS and a music carnival, as well as a celebrity racing competition, where Lin Zhiying broke the record by racing from zero to 100kph in 7.3 seconds. The masterly driving skills and the outstanding performance of the MG GS made for a real-life version of The Fast and the Furious.

MG has always been with the younger generation when it comes to auto and music carnivals. Since 1949, global MG fans have gathered at Silverstone Circuit to enjoy the MG Live carnival. This year, the Chinese version of MG Live was staged right after the UK one concluded. The event will have 70 sessions carried out in ten major cities across the country. Unlike other brands, the festival is open to all young people who love music and pursue speed through their mobile phone apps. It has integrated brand, drivers, celebrities and fans and becomes an exclusive party for the young people.

Racing track passion displays charm of auto and music

As an auto brand known for athletic genes and racing track culture, MG won’t miss any opportunity to show its racing charm. The music festival’s speed challenge once again proved the MG GS’s natural racing strength.

MG名爵赛道音乐节嗨翻申城 名爵锐腾“8秒破百”纪录冲破7.3秒

Jimmy Lin

“7.3 seconds, it was unbelievable! I didn’t think it could go so fast, and the car’s performance is beyond my expectations,” said Jimmy Lin, a singer, actor, and racing driver, after going from zero to 100kph. Alan Kuo and Shin, both singers, finished the race in 7.5 and 7.7 seconds each.

MG名爵赛道音乐节嗨翻申城 名爵锐腾“8秒破百”纪录冲破7.3秒

Alan Kuo

In previous races, MG GS representative Benedict Cumberbatch and Li Dongxue both finished in 7.9 seconds, while Yuan Hong in 7.5 seconds. Other celebrities like Li Ai and Tan Weiwei also threw their hats in the ring and experienced the vehicle’s steady high performance. The record 7.3 seconds has consolidated MG GS’s position as a high-performance model among its peers. The mid-range vehicle is intended for young consumers who pursue freedom and self-discovery. It’s equipped with NetBlue, SAIC Motor’s new-generation efficient powertrain, and MGE2.0T turbocharged engine paired with TST 6-speed double clutch transmission. The maximum horsepower stands at 220 and maximum torque at 350NM. The vehicle could match up against dynamic performance of Porsche Cayenne and Benz GLA. The eight-second speed acceleration from zero to 100kph has become a nametag of MG GS.

MG名爵赛道音乐节嗨翻申城 名爵锐腾“8秒破百”纪录冲破7.3秒


The race spiced up the music festival. Celebrities offered exciting performances after finishing the race. All MG fans were immersed in the carnival.

MG名爵赛道音乐节嗨翻申城 名爵锐腾“8秒破百”纪录冲破7.3秒

Wen Lan

Universal participation with a finger tap away

Auto and music can always produce chemistry, just like those in Fast & Furious Seven and See You Again. The combination of MG and music is like British tea paired with biscuits. Everything just flows naturally.

Almost all auto brands support music festivals, but not all like MG that understands its own drivers and young people so well. MG applied a mobile phone app for young people apply to the festival because it knew it was an era of thumb and fan economies, where young people frequently use mobile phones. The move made it possible for universal participation nationwide and enabled young people to have their own tailored track music carnival.

MG launched a series of online activities offering discounted tickets and, which not only gave incentives to participate but also greatly increased online interactions among netizens. According to Gewara, a popular Chinese film and performance tickets booking platform, nearly 200,000 people joined online, betting on race winners as of 12:00 July 20 and jackpot credits approached 2.5 million points. Ximalaya, a music sharing platform, reported that its hottest song was chosen by Xing, a popular signer, to perform at the festival.

Young people love pursuing individuality and showing passion, and they are understood by MG. With the MG music festival making inroads into other cities across the country, the MG family led by MG GS will offer a unique auto life to more young people.

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