Small SUV MG 3SW hits the market as ‘Shake Run’ held in Beijing

SAIC Motor Corp released its 87,700-yuan ($13,823) brand-new A0-Class sport utility vehicle (SUV), MG 3SW, on October 18.

The new MG 3SW, featuring up-to-date British design is aimed to cater to a full range of needs of young people. It combines the appearance of a posh car and the heart of an SUV. Fuel consumption can be as low as 5.9 liters per hundred kilometers depending on road conditions and the car is equipped with a five-star safety and protection system.

The key words are personality, SUV, environmental protection and smaller size, which mean a lot to the younger generation.

上汽MG名爵“无乐不跑”北京开跑 “全民乐跑”派对席卷全国

The all-new MG 3SW

Compared to the sizzling traditional SUV market, smaller SUVs can better meet young people’s needs and therefore are seeing rapid growth in sales. Young people pursue personality, love sports and in the initial stage of their career attach great importance to higher performance at a lower cost. With a smaller size, a small SUV can meet daily transport needs in cities that suffer traffic congestions and limited parking spaces. On the other hand, it can cope with complicated road conditions with cross-country ability. Furthermore, all this comes at lower emissions and lower fuel consumption, making the car more advantageous compared with traditional SUVs in terms of environmental protection and fuel economy.

While retaining MG’s British style, the all-new MG 3SW has also adopted the spirit of a powerful SUV. Orange and black interiors and 16 inch double-color wheel hubs perfectly exemplify fashion with a sport spirit. Diversified storage spaces of the car, totaling as many as 21, bring convenience to users, and the maximum capacity of the trunk stands at 938 liters. In addition, the car has a roof rack for a maximum load of 80 kilograms, good enough for either a bicycle or luggage.

MG 3SW is powered by SAIC’s updated energy-efficient 1.5-liter motor, which brings a torque output of 135N·m, making it possible for the car to climb a 30% slope with ease, while the McPherson independent front suspensions ensure both comfort and maneuverability. Moreover, the car consumes only 5.9 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers and its safety systems meet the C-NCAP five-star standard.

Customers are offered a price of 87,700 yuan for the car, together with a gift worth 20,000 yuan including three-year free maintenance, a zero-interest loan for two years, a two-year extended warranty and a gift package worth 4,999 yuan. Also, buyers will enjoy a purchase tax cut by half according to the national policy on smaller cars.

On the same day, SAIC MG kicked off the “Shake Run” carnival in Beijing. Around 5,000 young people who love music and sports gathered at the Beijing Garden Expo to run to the rock.

上汽MG名爵“无乐不跑”北京开跑 “全民乐跑”派对席卷全国

Xu Fei, a popular Chinese pop singer in the “Shake Run” carnival.

Popular Chinese pop singers and bands presented a music feast at the event and SAIC’s popular MG GS sport utility vehicles provided services to the runners all the way along. After the run, a lucky audience won one-year right to use a brand-new MG 3SW for figuring out the price of the car at a quiz session that followed.

上汽MG名爵“无乐不跑”北京开跑 “全民乐跑”派对席卷全国

The “Shake Run” carnival.

Since September, the “Shake Run” has been held in Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Ningbo and Beijing and will continue in five major Chinese cities.

上汽MG名爵“无乐不跑”北京开跑 “全民乐跑”派对席卷全国

Zheng Jun, a famous rock singer in China, presents a music feast.

MG has always been engaged in building young people’s dream car. Carrying on a sports gene and a racing tradition, MG passes on the younger generation’s passion and vitality. Elements belonging to the young are fully embodied by the new MG 3SW. Through the “Shake Run”, MG 3SW will display its advantages as an ideal choice for people who want to stay young.

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