SAIC Motor MG iGS wins innovation gold prize

SAIC Motor showcased its Roewe, MG, Maxus and Sunwin at the 2015 China International Industry Fair on Nov 3.

The MG iGS intelligent-drive vehicle stood out among 278 auto exhibits from 2,270 enterprises of 28 countries and regions for its independent innovation technology.

It won the innovation gold prize. And at the same time, the company's, an e-sharing auto business, also won an innovation award, making SAIC Motor the biggest winner at the event.

The awards marked full recognition of the company's independent innovation efforts and made it a model in auto innovation-powered transformation.

SAIC Motor has strived to become a famous global auto company with international influence through innovation. It aimed to transform itself from a traditional manufacturing business into a provider of comprehensive products and services. Therefore, the company is speeding up innovation and transformation and extending the two ends of auto industry value chain, in an effort to upgrade its overall industry chain capacity.

At the front end of the value chain, the company focused on self-owned brand development and core technology capacity enhancement and decided to use energy and internet to represent differentiation advantages of its future products. It will also improve products and services to establish its own market status. In the expo, the company’s MG iGS smart driving model, Roewe 950 fuel cell sedan, Maxus EG10 pure electric MPV and the new-generation Sunwin pure electric bus all displayed its technical combination with new energy and internet. The MG iGS could realize intelligent traffic technique functions among vehicles and between vehicle and road through mobile internet communication technology and rear-end cloud platform. The model has applied for 12 national patents since October 2015 and represents a breakthrough in China’s intelligent traffic research and application.

At the back-end of the chain, SAIC Motor will strive to create new competitiveness in auto service. It will use its vehicle sharing e-commerce platform to combine online and offline resources and accelerate auto industry and finance integration, especially the internet finance service. The company’s and showed customers the convenience of future auto life at the expo. The enables users to book, take, use and return vehicles online. The website is expected to cover 20 cities and 1 million users.

Meanwhile, SAIC Motor and Alibaba have jointly developed an internet auto project. The first product from the project has finished primary product development and service operations and is expected to reach market next year.

In short, SAIC Motor’s booth at the expo represented an epitome of the company’s innovation future.

SAIC will continue to push for its innovation-driven and transformation strategy, build itself into a famous global company, and contribute to China’s auto industry development and Shanghai’s economic construction.

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