MG ends its brand year at Guangzhou auto expo


MG, a legendary UK auto brand with nearly a hundred years of history, concluded its brand year in Guangzhou on Nov 20, with the high-performance mid-range SUV, the MG GS and the fashionable SUV MG 3SW both making their debut.

The Guangdong Expo provided a series of activities made for an auto feast with British style, including the opening of MG’s flagship store in the UK and the promotion of the MG sponsored Shake Run.

Shake Run will come to the final game


The news of MG flagship store opening in UK kicked off the event. The move means a deepened implementation of the MG GS globalization strategy. After hitting the Thai market this year, the MG6 has become a fashion model among young people, thanks to its top kinematic design, ultra-strong control and surging dynamics. The opening of the UK store will enable more young people worldwide to experience MG's racing charm.


Shake Run recruited participants at the Guangzhou expo, allowing young people with rock and roll and athletic genes to express their nature by running at night in Guangzhou to feel the city's rhythm and heartbeat. Shake Run has also been carried out in Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Ningbo, Beijing, Xi'an and Wuhan since it began in September. The running event has attracted more than 50,000 participants and raised interest across the country. It has also witnessed the rise of a happy runner clan, who love sports and music and are proud to be their own hero. MG's brand spirit and charm was born for racing and so has triggered a resonance among the running clan.

The MG GS has always focused on younger people and aims to develop the most fashionable and cutting-edge themed activities. Among many auto brands, MG knows how to integrate vehicle and music to the taste of young people. The MG track music festival was intended for MG owners. The event ingeniously combined a concert and car racing, and applied mobile internet to attract vehicle users nationwide. The festival has been held 60 times across the country since July. It has helped more young people feel the charm of MG and music.

MG GS and MG 3SW display their extraordinary look

MG announced its new brand positioning “My Glamour” at the beginning of the year, kicking off its brand year. Then, the brand launched a series of events to endear itself to the younger generation and enable global fans to experience its Dream Car -- the high-performance mid-range SUV MG GS and the fashionable SUV MG 3SW--, and its athletic genes and racing track culture.


The MG GS is equipped with NetBlue, a world-class effective powertrain--MGE2.0T turbocharged engine and TST 6-speed double clutch transmission, which generates 220 horsepower in maximum power and 350NM in maximum torque. The vehicle can easily race from zero to 100kph in eight seconds. The 1.5TGI model has realized sustaining a distance of 100km with six liters of oil. Innovation has made SAIC Motor's new-generation powertrain in the forefront of the domestic and international market. The move has realized a 20-percent upgrade in dynamic performance and a 20-percent cut in oil consumption and carbon discharge, which secures SAIC Motor's core competition advantage for the next five years. The outstanding power performance has helped MG GS win over many auto speed and control fans and become a top SUV choice. The vehicle's monthly sales broke 5,000 and has been a leader in medium and high-end SUV market. MG GS has broken the monopoly by joint ventures over the 150,000-yuan SUV market.


The MG 3SW inherits the good look of the MG GS and applies avant-garde and bold British design. Its flexible build offers free travel across the city. The A0 SUV is equipped with SAIC Motor's newly-upgraded 1.5L engine, which enables 135NM in torque output. The strong power can make it easy to get over 30-degree slope and cut oil consumption to 5.9 liters per 100km. So, young drivers don't have to be torn between power and oil consumption and their needs for stylish, cross-over and environmentally-friendly SUVs can be fully satisfied.


MG inherits UK genes and has displayed its charm in its 2015 brand year. The MG GS with great performance, look and value and the MG 3SW have both become a hit among young consumers. With the new brand positioning “My Glamour”, MG has launched a series of brand innovation activities nationwide to let young people experience its British and racing charm.

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