Roewe E50 BEVs selling like hot cakes


Less than two months after the new State policies for new energy vehicles were announced, there was another boom in new energy vehicle sales, with the Roewe E50, China’s first mass-production Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), winning praise from industry insiders and consumers only a year after hitting the market. On Nov 5, when the 15th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) opened, in the city of Shanghai, 15 people from Shanghai ordered E50s on the spot and got the key to their new electric vehicles from the executive vice-president of SAIC Motor and GM of the SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co, Chen Zhixin, personally.

SAIC had its latest technology and developments in energy conservation and energy power, automotive electronics and networking, and vehicle integration prominently on display at CIIF, under a theme of “Innovation to Drive your Dream”, with seven new energy, environmentally-friendly models along with its automobile networking solutions. The E50 is one of SAIC’s greatest achievements in new energy.

The E50 is intended as a small BEV for urbanites, with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells for power and zero emissions and zero pollution. According to studies, an E50 can cut carbon emissions by nearly three tons a year, when compared to a gas-fueled family car, or the absorption amount of 160 large trees.

At a ceremony to hand the new owners their E50 keys, one said that he already had a B-class car, but wanted a small environmentally-friendly BEV for everyday use. And, he really wanted an E50 when he found out that it was the country’s first large-production BEV. In performance, and especially in safety, the E50 is superior to others. And, because of the country’s policies backing new energy vehicles, he will pay only about 159,900 yuan ($26,332.5) for a 234,900-yuan car, thanks to a state subsidy of 35,000 yuan and a Shanghai subsidy of 40,000 yuan. And, he can get a car license reserved exclusively for new energy vehicles, free of charge. After considering all these things, he had no difficulty at all in deciding on an E50.

The Roewe 550, a plug-in hybrid vehicle, on display at the Auto Guangzhou, will make its debut at CIIF’s Shanghai pavilion. SAIC is committed to expanding its presence in new energy industrial chain, with a new energy vehicle strategy. And it will invest more in fuel-cell vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and blade electric vehicles. The E50, which has been doing well, and the Roewe 550 plug-in hybrid, which will be available soon, are good examples of SAIC’s achievements in new energy.

SAIC will continue to develop technology for the future for energy conservation and new-energy power through automotive electronics and networking, automotive integration, and lightweight vehicles, and will pick up the pace of innovation, sharpening its competitive edge and will making an effort to build a clean, harmonious automobile society.

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