Roewe W5 special edition comes to Auto Guangzhou

The SAIC Motor’s Roewe display at the 11th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition, which debuts the W5 SUV model, attracted a lot of attention and even cheers from visitors, since the W5 special edition is the perfect fit for city driving, and for extreme driving conditions in the cold or damp. After all, there is a new interest in frontier driving activities under way in China.

The W5 special edition is a new Roewe model with the inkaNet3.0 intelligent network driving system that SAIC developed, with special features, such as a driving record and data monitoring, and four major technologies -- P-4WD for deluxe SUVs, a double wishbone + multi-connecting-rod suspension system, HFA, and HDC/ARP. Its hill descent control function allows the SUV to make country driving more professional and pleasant, so, the Roewe W5 special edition is expected to unleash a new wave of SUV technological innovations.

There are two Roewe W5 special edition models, priced at 162,800 yuan ($26,818.3) and 199,800 yuan, a reasonably low price that will allow SUV fans to make their dream of a high-quality, high-performance SUV come true.

Digital navigation makes cross-country driving enjoyable

The Roewe W5, the only top-quality SUV priced below 300,000 yuan ($ 49,410.6), has become a leader in the SUV sector over the past three years and has also become a legend in frontier driving, over the past two. The model is gaining a reputation as the highest level of domestic SUV brands and is widely accepted by professionals.

The W5 special edition has many high value-added improvements in design, technology, and driving comfort, and the most surprising feature is the inkaNet3.0 intelligent network driving system. This system’s CPU memory can match iPhone5 standards and can respond to the driver’s command in real time, either for navigation, or for entertainment, phoning, or messaging, without the slightest interruption in driving. It is worth noting that, with the inkaNet3.0 system, a Roewe W5 driver can handle various operations, such as messaging, phoning, or information searches, via the intelligent voice control system, making driving a pleasurable experience in every way, both in the city and the country. And, the inkaNet3.0 is served by 3G, Bluetooth, and WiFi, so drivers and passengers can access the mobile Internet inside the SUV.

Building China’s 4WD to rival global SUVs

The Roewe W5 special edition SUV uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as deluxe SUV P-4WD, double wishbone + multi-link suspension system, HFA, and HDC/ARP, which are used in the Mercedes-Benz G Class, Jeep Wrangler, and Land Rover. The technology helps improve the performance, stability and safety of the Roewe W5, and is an important step forward for Chinese SUVs in world-class ranking.

The W5 special edition has a 1.8TKavachi engine, for unprecedented power among domestic SUVs and its 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels help improve the steering ability.

In design, the Roewe W5’s logo has been moved to the grille for both city and country purposes and its metal step is a user-friendly design that makes it easier for drivers and passengers to get into and out of the vehicle, while its USB port and trunk help make driving convenient and comfortable.

The W5 special edition has other advantages in digital technology, professional 4WD, and world-class quality and has become a mark of quality for China’s 4WD vehicles. In 2012, the Roewe W5 was the official vehicle of the Chinese polar research team, and answered all the demands of rough conditions. In Dec 2013, the activities to salute the polar heroes will continue, and the Roewe W5 will make the trip to Mohe, China’s northernmost city as a tribute to the polar research team.
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