SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN wins 2015 Xuanyuan Award


The SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN won the 2015 Xuanyuan award at an eye-catching ceremony at the Beijing Auto Museum recently.


With its autonomous globally leading technologies and its excellent achievements in the marketization process of new-energy automobile, SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN won the award for Sustainable Development Techniques. It is yet another honor for the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN since it became champion of the hybrid group of Michelin Challenge Bibendum, embodying the great strength of SAIC passenger cars in the new-energy field.


The Xuanyuan Award is an automobile prize launched by Auto Business Review and EFS, an Austrian automobile consultation company. The appraisal scope is limited to domestic cars. The judges are senior experts from the automobile industries in China, America, Europe, Japan and South Korea. The appraisal standard and process sticks to “being independent of commerce, authority and relations” and finally selects an annual prize and four single prizes. In order to award the contributions made by the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN to the new-energy industry as a “pioneer that introduces plug-in hybrid product to the market” and its representation of the correct orientation of technique development, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN was awarded with 2015 Xuanyuan Award--Sustainable Development Technique Award.

The ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN is a plug-in hybrid car that SAIC autonomously develops and owns the autonomous IPR. The ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN adopts the globally leading hybrid technique and accords with the world-class new-energy car making standards. It autonomously innovates and develops techniques, enabling Chinese consumers to take the lead to experience the fruits of plug-in hybrid automobiles. EDU intelligent electricity-driven gearbox installed to the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has gained American patent authorization and fills the blank of domestic autonomous brands in this field.

Under the guidance of the idea of “entire development”, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN is characteristic of being green & environment-friendly, economic & efficient, safe & reliable. The ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN adopts full-time hybrid techniques and can intelligently judge output of power source and realize strong momentum of 587 nm peak torque and super-low oil consumption of 2.3L per hundred kilometers. Under the state of full battery and full oil, its driving mileage can reach 500 km, satisfying the demand of long-distance travel.

In the process of new-energy automobile marketization, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN also achieved great scores. As the pioneer and new force of new-energy automobiles in China, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has gained batches of purchase orders since it got listed in 2013 and gained popularity of the consumers in the individual consumption market and automobile lease market. SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN gained the prize, winning great recognition from the insiders and showing the leading status of SAIC passenger car in the new-energy automobile field.

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