ROEWE 950 1.8T, 2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN issued

On April 20, the 16th Shanghai International Auto Show began. SAIC ROEWE was one of the exhibitors, showing off its techniques, brands and products and how they work together to provide traditional power and new-energy. The company’s values not only illustrate the theme of the auto show which was “innovation & upgrade”, but also depicts the blueprint of the company’s future development.

SAIC ROEWE issued the new brand slogan “Taste Science & Technology Know You & Driving” at the show, signifying its brand value has been upgraded. The ROEWE brand will stick to people-oriented ideas and combine the technology with humanistic demands, create the practical and comfortable, efficient and intelligent, environment-friendly and healthy, economic and energy-saving driving experience, providing more concerns for consumers in details.


SAIC ROEWE issues the new brand slogan “Taste Science & Technology Know You & Driving” at the 16th Shanghai International Auto Show.

In terms of models exhibited, SAIC ROEWE first showed the ROEWE 950 1.8t and the 2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN, a plug-in hybrid car; it also exhibited multiple star models including the ROEWE W5 and ROEWE 950 plug-in fuel-battery car. Meanwhile, SAIC also issued ‘Net strategy’ that represents the frontier technologies of the world and boosted two technique brands ‘NetBlue’ and ‘NetGreen’. In the future, ‘NetBlue’ focusing on the traditional powertrain technologies and ‘NetGreen’ focusing on the new-energy technologies will be installed to more ROEWE models.

ROEWE 950 1.8T: Strong ‘NetBlue’ leading the era of efficiency and performance

The ROEWE 950 is the “chief administrative car” on behalf of the highest standards of automobile manufacturing in China. At the auto show, the ROEWE 950 1.8T model was showed; through the strong ‘NetBlue’ technologies, it leads the middle-class and high-class cars to the high-performance era.


ROEWE 950 1.8T

‘NetBlue’ installed to the ROEWE 950 1.8T is the new-generation powertrain of SAIC. It owns MGE 1.8T in-cylinder turbocharged engine with the maximum power of 185 horse power and the maximum torque of 290 n/m, thus filling the blank of high-power, low oil consumption and environment-friendly engine. It totally goes beyond engines from Japan and South Korea and is parallel to the mainstream engine in Germany and America, ranking among the first three mainstream engines of B-class car. It is also installed with TST6 wet double-clutch transmission and is installed with a new-generation engine start-stop system with oil consumption per hundred km of 7.6L, bringing a stronger and endurable, more flexible and comfortable, more energy-saving and environment-friendly driving experience to consumers. Meanwhile, it is also more in line with the purchase demands of the official car, showing its strong strength as a mid-grade and high-grade official and commercial car.

In addition, the ROEWE 950 1.8T is also installed with LED headlamps owned merely by luxury models. All the functions adopt LED, which not only improves the lighting effect, but also makes the entire car model more dynamic and appealing with increased recognition. It adopts supreme silence technologies, which can reach the silence effects of theaters. It reaches European VI emission standards and has an air quality control self-circulation system.

2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN: optimized and upgrade clean ‘NetGreen’

The ROEWE new-energy car has been a highlight of the auto show. ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN is the first production car of three-core-driven plug-in hybrid cars. It can adopt full-time and hybrid technologies and can automatically judge output of the power source, having good energy-saving performance under any conditions. In terms of battery safety, its battery passed the large battery safety certification of American UL and the IP67 certification, the highest rank of anti-dust and anti-water. At the auto show, through brand-new optimization and upgrade, the pure electricity driving mileage of the 2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has improved to 60km. Under the state of full oil and full battery, it can realize super-long driving mileage of 500km; its comprehensive oil consumption of one hundred kilometer has been reduced to 1.6L. The acceleration time from zero to one hundred kilometers is only 9.5 seconds. In terms of appearance design, it strengthens the logo of new energy automobiles.


2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN

From being listed to now, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has gained great market reputation with its advantages of being efficient, energy-saving, safe and comfortable; its supply cannot meet the demand. It is said that the purchase of the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN can enjoy multiple privileges. Take Shanghai as the example; besides enjoying the three subsidies from the country, Shanghai and pilot county or region with the maximum of more than 80,000 RMB, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN can also enjoy free Shanghai license exclusive to new energy and free purchase tax. Meanwhile, SAIC also provides one package service such as installing the charging pile etc.

The ROEWE 950 PLUG-IN fuel battery car, the fourth-generation fuel battery car autonomously developed by SAIC, is another highlight of the ROEWE booth. It is the fourth-generation fuel battery car developed by SAIC. It takes hydrogen as the fuel and the emission is water, which does not produce any carbon dioxide, truly realizing zero pollution, zero emission and high efficiency. The average driving mileage of the entire car can reach up to 400km, with the maximum speed per hour of 160kph. Adding hydrogen only takes three to five minutes. It can start in the environment of zero -20℃. It also owns externally-installed power generation function. Through a plug-in converter, it can realize charging functions of other electrical equipment including electric car.

As an automobile enterprise with the most complete new-energy automobile technology reserve in the country, SAIC owns the globally leading techniques and autonomous IPR in the three fields of pure electricity, plug-in hybrid and fuel battery. EDU intelligent electricity-driven gearbox that it autonomously develops has gained the authorization of American patent, filling the blank of domestic autonomous brands in this field. In addition, SAIC is also a car enterprise with the most complete new-energy product type in our country, taking the lead to realize product cover from A0-class to B+class and from car to SUV. According to the ‘NetGreen’ plan, new-energy automobile of SAIC ROEWE will focus on two directions: plug-in hybrid and pure electricity in the future. It will continue to optimize, upgrade, innovate and develop core techniques and products, including new-generation new-energy products with both techniques and cost competitiveness, providing new-energy automobiles with cheaper price and better performance for consumers. Without depending on the national policies, it can also boost the consumption increase of new-energy automobiles.

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