ROEWE 360 listed with good quality and cheap price

On Sep 5, “all-round high-quality car” the ROEWE 360, the first ‘NetBlue’ strategic model of SAIC MOTOR’s passenger car A-class car market, got listed at the Chengdu Auto Show.

“中级车A咖”荣威360上市 售价7.59万—12.99万 多项“王炸”优势树高品质标杆 提供“质好价优”家轿新选择


This is the first A-class car of Chinese brand that owns two leading engine technologies (turbo charger and direct injection) and three advanced gearboxes (7-speed TST intelligent double clutches, SSG 5-speed hand movement and Multi-Mode intelligent control AMT gearbox). It not only owns “super-large space with super-low oil consumption of 5.7L/Kmh”, but also forms “trump” with its four comprehensive advantages including fashionable appearance, strong momentum, comprehensive safety and advanced intelligent vehicle-mounted technologies, thus surpassing the mainstream joint-venture competitive products and reaching the status of “intermediate-A-star”.

ROEWE 360 exclusively sponsored “The Great Challenge”, a popular recreational program on CCTV.

The ROEWE 360 boosted seven models with the displacement of 2.0T (1.4TGI) and 1.5L with the selling price of 75,900 yuan to 129,900 yuan. With its advantage of “for the same price, the best performance and for the same performance, the best price”, it brought “all-round high-quality” new choice of home car with great cost performance for consumers. At the news conference, SAIC passenger car announced that the ROEWE 360 exclusively sponsored “The Great Challenge”, the popular recreational program on CCTV (this program was the updated version of Unlimited Challenges, the MBC talent show from South Korea). At that time, the ROEWE 360 finished various extreme challenges with many famous stars. The ROEWE 360 challenges joint venture and makes Internet thinking challenge the traditional thinking, which is a kind of “great challenge”. It is believed that this interesting and funny program will enable more people to appreciate the A-class charm of the ROEWE 360.

“中级车A咖”荣威360上市 售价7.59万—12.99万 多项“王炸”优势树高品质标杆 提供“质好价优”家轿新选择

Price of ROEWE 360

SAIC’s ROEWE 360 is a brand-new start. It is SAIC passenger car’s judgment of the new market forms and market rules. It is an all-round and high-quality car based on the grasp of the rational consumption tendency of the Internet era. In the current days when post-80s and post-90s have become the main consumers of automobiles in the Internet era, consumers have gradually formed the rational consumption thinking of ‘first choosing good-quality products and then buying cheap ones’ and ROEWE 360 is the ‘intermediate A-star’ born at the right time.

The ROEWE 360 was developed based on the idea of “360 degree all-round high quality”. It is an all-round high-quality car exclusively created for the “new small families” of post-85s. Aiming at their new demands of choosing cars, the ROEWE 360 shows the leading strength in terms of appearance, space, power, oil consumption, intelligent technologies and safety. In appearance, the ROEWE 360 adopts the design of silk-textured curve, deeply illustrates the confident and elegant aesthetic and shows the natural brilliance and charm of A-star. In order to satisfy the actual demands of the consumers for family trip, the ROEWE 360 builds a large space with 2660m super-long wheel base; especially its super-large back row and trunk space makes travel of the whole family more comfortable and relaxing.

Benefited from the domestically advanced “NetBlue” momentum, the ROEWE 360 has high performance and low oil consumption. The series of the models reaches the super-low oil consumption level of less than 6L, making consumers free from worry about oil consumption while enjoying the strong power of “NetBlue”. The ROEWE 360 is installed with SGE 1.4 TGI mid direct injection turbocharged engine and 7-speed TST intelligent double-clutch gearbox, realizes the maximum power of 156 horsepower and has the maximum torque of 235 newton/meter. On this basis, ROEWE 360 also adopts intelligent Start-Stop engine, EPS EPAS and energy-saving and emission reduction technologies such as Smart Charging brake energy recycle, further improving fuel economy. Model of 20T and 1.5 L has the minimum oil consumption of 5.7 L. It is safe to say that ROEWE 360 takes the lead to bring oil consumption of intermediate car to the era of “less than 6L”.

“中级车A咖”荣威360上市 售价7.59万—12.99万 多项“王炸”优势树高品质标杆 提供“质好价优”家轿新选择


From the perspective of users, the ROEWE 360 is the first intermediate car that adopts 4G mobile network and realizes cover of “three nets”, which is compatible with Car Play and realizes multi-mode interconnection between car and cellphone. This car provides two sets of vehicle-mounted systems including inkaNet and inkaLink. It is also installed with the largest 8-cun high-definition touchable LCD. Its operation is as smooth as iPhone and its speed is as quick as Tesla, more accordant with appeals of post-80s and post-90s. In addition, multiple functions including natural voice recognition, Mirror Link interconnection and multi-media recreation brings the most fashionable and efficient intelligent automobile life in the Internet era to consumers. In terms of safety, the ROEWE 360 adopts SCS intelligent safety control system and Europe-level strengthened USD car body structure. In addition to the assistant parking system and standard intelligent tire pressure supervision system, it reaches five-star safety, construction comprehensive and all-round safety protection. In addition, the ROEWE 360 also provides the entire-car quality guarantee for three years or 100,000 kilometers, providing 360 degree after-sale guarantee.

Bearing the technological accumulation and market experience of more than ten years of SAIC, the ROEWE 360 has obvious competition advantages in terms of performance and price among the same-class models. Based on the idea of “360 degree all-round high quality” and created for “new small families” of post-85s, this car undoubtedly provides new choice with super high cost performance for users. It is believed that the ROEWE 360 with all-round high quality and cheap price can realize win-win for consumers, but also boost SAIC passenger car to further explore “differentiated competition advantage”.

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