Prize winning shows strength of SAIC new energy

The SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN took home the top prize at the 2015 TTA Autonomous Brand Ceremony, winning the prize of “2015 TTA Autonomous New-energy Intermediate Car”.

上汽荣威550 PLUG-IN 荣膺“2015TTA自主新能源中级车”奖

SAIC ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN wins the top prize “2015 TTA Autonomous New-energy Intermediate Car” at the 2015 TTA Autonomous Brand Ceremony.

The car maker’s success has been attributed to its autonomous global leading technologies and its outstanding achievements in the marketization process of new-energy automobiles.

It is the third honor for the car since it won the world-class prize of HEV group of Michelin Challenge Bibendum and the second Xuanyuan award for “Sustainable Development Technology Prize”, showing the great strength of SAIC passenger cars in the field of new energy.

The 2015 TTA Autonomous Brand Ceremony is said to be one of the top automobile forums, with distinguished domestic brands competing such as Tencent Auto, China Brand Automobile Alliance, Global Auto Media and Auto Circle. The event invited more than 30 leaders of automobile enterprises with autonomous brands and over 50 chief editors of mainstream media as well as expert organizations. It gathered the opinions of thousands of Tencent netizens to praise the autonomous brands and gathered the review opinions of thousands of car owners and 15 senior experts. After a two-month selection process, the winners were finally announced.

Leading technologies make it greener, safer and more intelligent

As the first three-core-driven plug-in hybrid production car in China, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN adopts full-time and mixed technology. It can automatically judge the output of its power source. Installed with an EDU, an intelligent electricity-driven gearbox, it realizes the balance between ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption, enabling Chinese consumers to experience the leading technological fruits of plug-in hybrid.

EDU intelligent electricity-driven gearboxes have gained American patent authorization and fills in the blank of Chinese automobiles in this field; its battery has gained the large battery safety certification of American UL Company and also passed the IP67 certification, the highest rank of anti-dust and anti-water civilian use.

Under the guidance of SAIC “Net” strategy, 2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has been updated, optimized and upgraded and was listed in July this year. It has obvious improvements in terms of core power, intelligent configuration and mute. Its comprehensive driving mileage has improved to 600 kilometers and the pure electricity driving mileage has improved to 60 kilometers, with oil consumption of only 1.6L/km. It is installed with newly updated inkaNet 5.0 intelligent network driving system, bringing more efficient and intelligent multi-net interconnected 4G driving cloud life to consumers. Renovation and upgrade of the 2015 ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN creates a new high of SAIC “NetGreen” products and also represents that the R&D strength of Chinese enterprises represented by SAIC in the core new-energy technology field has attained world leading levels.

上汽荣威550 PLUG-IN 荣膺“2015TTA自主新能源中级车”奖


Joy with cheap price and exclusive service

Since it got listed, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has gained good market reputation and got batches of purchase orders with its advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, safety and comfort, whose demand is much more than supply. It is said that purchase of the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN can enjoy multi-level subsidies throughout the country, local government and SAIC with cheap terminal prices. In addition, SAIC also provides a one-package service such as free installation of charging piles, subsidy application and exclusive after-sale service such as “home repair”, making green and efficient travel more achievable.

As a car enterprise with the most complete technology reserve and the most perfect product type in domestic the new energy automobile field, SAIC owns the globally leading techniques and autonomous IPR in the three fields of pure electricity, plug-in hybrid and fuel battery. The car maker will take the lead to realize whole cover from A0-Class to B+ Class and from car to SUV. It provides new-energy automobiles with cheaper prices and better performance for consumers through sustainable innovation.

The ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN has won high recognition in its field and also shown the leading status of SAIC passenger cars in the new-energy automobile market. Through all-dimensional product advantages, low reliability of infrastructure and cheap prices, the ROEWE 550 PLUG-IN will keep making higher grades in the new-energy automobile sector.

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