ROEWE E950: First new-energy intermediate car appears at Guangzhou Auto Show Innovation is the first momentum towards leading development

On the 13th Guangzhou International Auto Show on November 20, ROEWE of SAIC MOTOR revealed its ROEWE E950, the first new-energy intermediate car in China. It adopts the internationally leading ‘NetBlue + NetGreen’ technology of SAIC MOTOR and constitutes ‘the most complete new-energy system in China’ along with the ROEWE E550 and ROEWE E50.

In addition, SAIC MOTOR also put on show its ROEWE VISION-R concept car and promoted the company’s new-generation of design. The changes show the latest fruits of innovation for SAIC passenger cars as well as the auto maker’s passion for leading the way in sustainable development and future technologies.

New image, new power and new technologies

As ‘the first new-energy intermediate car in China’, the ROEWE E950 expands the company’s new-energy auto family, showing SAIC’s determination of developing a mid-end and high-end autonomous brand. Based on the mature B-class model platform, the ROEWE E950 is the first world-class model installed with ‘NetBlue’ and ‘NetGreen’, and whose fuel consumption is as low as 1.7L/kph, comprehensive driving mileage reaches 600 kilometers and pure electric driving mileage reaches 60 kilometers.

中国首款新能源中高级轿车亮相广州车展 荣威E950 续航里程600KM 油耗1.7升

Through the new-value driving experience of ‘convenient usage, reliability and trust as well as green recycle’, the ROEWE E950 not only attracts consumers in the mid-end and high-end private market, but will also be a wind vane for the auto maker’s official cars. As a peer of the official car and advocated to be a ‘small-displacement and low energy-consumption autonomous brand’ , the ROEWE E950 will suit civil servants who admire ‘simple’ and environment-friendly cars. It is bound to be the top choice of official car in China as it builds upon the new image of the Chinese government being of the people and healthy.

Pioneer of new-energy automobile

Constant innovation is made for core new-energy technologies, endowing SAIC with new-energy power parallel to international levels. In the technological field, SAIC owns the core new-energy technologies of electric drive, electric control and battery, and has utilized EDU independent autonomous development to gain patent authorization from America. Through the innovation and leading role of its technologies, SAIC EDU, Toyota THS and GM VOLTEC have become three major hybrid technologies in the world. In the product field, SAIC has promoted the brand-new and updated ‘most intelligent and interconnected new-energy automobile’, the ROEWE E550 and the ‘100,000-class urban boutique pure electric car with 200km driving mileage’ the ROEWE E50. The company has also issued the brand-new ROEWE E950, realizing comprehensive cover from pure electric power to PHEV to fuel battery products. It is safe to say that SAIC has successfully entered the first new-energy camp in the world and become ‘a pioneer of new-energy automobiles’.

中国首款新能源中高级轿车亮相广州车展 荣威E950 续航里程600KM 油耗1.7升

According to the project of ‘NetGreen strategy’, SAIC will continue to complete the matrix of new-energy products. The ROEWE E950 has been listed as a promoter of new-energy SUVs, the new-generation ROEWE E550 and second-generation electric vehicles, thus realizing the comprehensive cover from A00-class to B+class to SUV.

中国首款新能源中高级轿车亮相广州车展 荣威E950 续航里程600KM 油耗1.7升

At the Auto Show, the ROEWE VISION-R concept car, which appeared for the first time, illustrates the new-generation of design entitled ‘VISION design’, and will lead the style development and subsequent production of cars entering the market. Focusing on the brand slogan of ‘Taste of Technology--Know Both You and Driving’, SAIC ROEWE will continue innovating in the field of new-energy technologies and automobile design. The Chinese auto maker is pushing the industry ahead, towards a new development phase.

中国首款新能源中高级轿车亮相广州车展 荣威E950 续航里程600KM 油耗1.7升

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