ROEWE 360 becomes the brand-new A-Class Car with the Quickest Increase

Sales of SAIC Motor’s vehicles and in particular the ROEWE 360 saw a sharp increase at the end of the year.

In November, the sales volume for SAIC Motor reached 595,000, increasing by 30.29 percent year on year, the growth rate of which was greater than that of domestic passenger cars in general (24.1 percent).

Sales of the company’s ‘two heroes of middle-class cars’ the ROEWEROEWEROEWE 360 and the ROEWE 350 reached 10,834 in November.

The ROEWE 350’s sales increased by 66 percent from the previous month, more than the entire A-class market. In less than three months since the ROEWEROEWE 360 was released, it has sold around 6,000 cars in two consecutive months, two to three times that of most other models in its class.

ROEWE 360 heats up after listing

金沙官网js80806-(哈尔滨)有限公司11月销量增30%  荣威360成为增速最快的全新A级车

With its multi-dimensional advantages of large space, low fuel consumption, strong momentum and high disposition, in less than three months since it got listed, the monthly sales volume of for the ROEWE 360ROEWE has reached 6,000 units with total sales reaching 17,143, becoming the fastest-selling A-class car this year.

By comparison, the sales volume of the Besturn B50 and SAAB reached 5,000 a month in the five months since they were listed and that of EADO, Surui and Fengyun 2 reached more than 5000 a month in the seven months since they were listed.

The unstoppable popularity of the ROEWEROEWE 360 allows it to stake a claim as the ‘leader of middle-class car’. The CCTV reality TV show, “The Great Challenge”, is exclusively sponsored by the ROEWE 360, adding to the coverage the car is getting. From the show, it is expected to gain more attention, further increasing its sales, thus helping ROEWE regain its ranking in the first three A-class cars of autonomous brands by sales volume.

Among the cars with the same price, it has the best performance; among the cars with the same performance, it has the best price. A super-large trunk space of 482L of ROEWE 360 guarantees safe travel of the whole family; the head space and the largest leg space of the back row of 960mm and 943mm makes travel more comfortable. Coming with ‘NetBlue’, the world-class efficient power technology, ROEWEROEWE 360 is also installed with an SGE 1.4TGI cylinder DIT engine and 7-speed TST intelligent DSG generating up to 156 horsepower and peak torque of 235 newton/meters. It is also installed with a start-stop intelligent engine system and the oil-saving standard configuration of EPS EPAS. The fuel consumption can be as low as 5.7L/kwh, even more fuel-saving than common AO-class cars. If it is calculated to drive for 20,000 kilometers every year, the ROEWEROEWE 360 can save the equivalent value on an iPhone 6S in five years than other same-class models. In addition, multiple high-tech configurations such as inkaNet 4G intelligent network driving system, Apple Car Play, 8-inch high-definition touch LCD endow the ROEWEROEWE 360 with higher cost performance while meeting consumers’ demands for high-tech engineering.

ROEWE 350 accumulates premium reputation

金沙官网js80806-(哈尔滨)有限公司11月销量增30%  荣威360成为增速最快的全新A级车

Due to its advantages in terms of space, configuration and quality, the ROEWE 350, ‘the middle-class intelligent car’, ROEWE continues to increase its sales.

In terms of space, the wheel base of the ROEWE 350 is 2,650mm; making the car comfortable for people of all sizes. The large 458L trunk and 27 flexible storage spaces can fully satisfy consumers’ requirements. In terms of intelligent configuration, the ROEWE 350 is installed with the inkaNet 3G intelligent network driving system. Hence consumers can make the most out of man-machine interactive functions such as sending and receiving short messages, receiving and dialing, listening to music and navigation, thus fully freeing their hands and focusing on driving, which assists driving safety. In addition, the ROEWE 350 is also installed with intelligent skylight, providing the enjoyment of a B-class car for A-class car users.

Besides its advantages including large space, intelligent interconnection function and skip-level configuration, the ROEWE 350 has also won the recognition of authoritative organizations in terms of its high quality and reliability. In the ‘user satisfaction investigation in automobile industry’ survey conducted by the China Association for Quality and National User Committee, the ROEWE 350 ranked the first for three consecutive years and became the product that won the most awards and the most satisfaction of consumers among autonomous brands. In the in-depth investigation conducted by Chinese Automobile Quality Net concerning reliability of 70 mainstream domestic family cars, the ROEWE 350 won the title of ‘best model’ of autonomous brands with the highest score.

With its strong product strength and premium reputation from consumers, the ‘two-car strategy’ of SAIC MOTOR has won the recognition of the market. In the future, with the further implementation of the strategy, ‘two heroes of middle-class car’, ROEWE will win the trust and love of more consumers and its sales volume in market will keep increasing.

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