RX5 hits 25,000 sales in December

RX5 hits 25,000 sales in December

RX5, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) brand of SAIC Motor Co achieved a sales record in December, 2016, selling 25,000 vehicles in total. RX5 became the “best seller of the month” in 2016 for its 15,000 average monthly sales since its launch.

The RX5 sells for around 150,000 yuan ($21,777) shattering the market’s long-time monopolies.

RX5 hits 25,000 sales in December

According to statistics, users of RX5 are mainly entrepreneurs, state-owned enterprise executives and government officials.

The success of the RX5 can be owed to the cooperation between Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, and SAIC Motor. RX5, as the first Internet automobile, boasts voice control, mobile phone remote control, adaptive map and many other advanced functions involving Internet and technology. 

Sales of RX5 hit 90,000 in less than half year, making it one of the top four bestselling SUVs in China.

RX5 hits 25,000 sales in December

Its high quality, excellent design and rational price, have clearly impressed the market.

For example, the RX5 is two seconds faster than other counterparts from 0-100km/h, and it consumes 2L less fuel than similar SUVs per hundred kilometers. RX5 also has a 0.86-square-meter panoramic sunroof providing a excellent driving experience.

The design of RX5 won China Good Design (CGD) awarded by the Red Dot Award committee.

RX5, as a product of the ROEWE brand, has driven the sales of ROEWE by an increase of 144 percent in 2016.

SAIC Motor is looking forward to speeding up the development of the independent innovation, clean engine, new energy and intelligent automobiles.

The company will upgrade the RX5 in 2017 and introduce ROEWE i6 with new energy and Internet technologies, to provide the best option for a family car in the Internet era.

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