Roewe i6 20T hits showrooms as best choice for families

Roewe i6 20T hits showrooms as best choice for families

Roewe i6 20T, the world’s first mass-produced family sedan on the Internet, hit dealerships on Feb 27.

Coming on the heels of Roewe RX5, which had ushered in the new age of Internet-based cars, Roewe i6, became a new member of the “Internet club” co-built by SAIC Motor and Alibaba Group.

At the launch ceremony, Wang Xiaoqiu, vice-president of SAIC Motor and general manager of the company's passenger vehicle branch, was interviewed about the new car.

Roewe i6 20T comes in six options. Prices range from 89,800 to 143,800 yuan, but a preferential policy offered by the company will enable buyers to actually purchase the new car for just 89,800 to 136,800 yuan.

Roewe i6 is a top choice in view of drag, space, interior, fuel consumption, technology and safety. In addition, pricing, service and preferential policies makes it definitely the best choice for a family sedan in the mobile Internet era.

Innovative tech

The “i” in Roewe i6 represents “internet”, “innovation” and “intelligence”. As a core achievement of SAIC’s innovation, the new car is built on SAIC’s brand-new MIP platform, which integrates topnotch technologies with regards to drag, dynamics, Internet and other major fields. It offers users the kind of driving and ride experience similar to luxury cars, at an affordable price. The car even overtakes some luxury cars technology wise.

Roewe i6 20T hits showrooms as best choice for families

Integrating aerodynamics with aesthetics of design, Roewe i6 extends technology into the world of human senses. It is the first mass-produced car based on the Roewe Vision-R concept and achieves a drag coefficient of 0.25cd, the lowest among cars in its class. Luxury brands have invested heavily to cut drag, whilst Roewe i6 has made it by taking advantage of its leading technology and workmanship, thus allowing more users to enjoy the benefits of reduced fuel consumption and noise, as well as the joy a high-quality car can bring thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Besides, Roewe i6 20T has the highly-efficient world-class NetBlue powertrain, which includes a 1.5T engine and a TST 7-speed dual-clutch/6-speed manual transmission, with a maximum output of 169 hp and a torque up to 250 Nm. Its engine surpasses mainstream 2.0L engines of cars under joint-venture brands in terms of dynamic performance and also boasts low fuel consumption of just 5.9L/100km. It is a family car that offers strong dynamics, comfortability and stability, and the joy of driving, on low carbon emissions and low fuel consumption.

Moreover, Roewe i6 is equipped with the world’s cutting-edge intelligent Internet system, making the car an open-ended smart mobile platform. A unique ID entitles the user to individualized services. In addition to remote control and voice control, the new car also provides access to online payment service Alipay, audio books and food maps, making motoring life more convenient and enjoyable for consumers of all age groups.

Top choice for families

Roewe i6 also leads design trends with its “rhythmic design”, and its elegant look beats consumers’ expectations about family cars. Compared with other cars in its class, it has the largest body width, at 1,835mm, the longest wheelbase, at 2,715mm, and the largest rear cabin and interior width, providing ultra-large space for a comfortable ride. It also has the largest area of upholstery in its class, and a “super screen” – a 10.4-inch HD capacitive touch screen. 

With regards to safety, Roewe i6 adopts a USD-enhanced roll cage design, with 66 percent of the structure using high strength steel and 12 percent using hot rolled steel (for key parts prone to collision during a car crash), and has a laser soldering all-in-one-piece roof. In addition, it has active protection systems including AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) system, LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control). The entire range is also equipped with SCS (Stability Control System) and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), offering all-round protection in both visible and invisible ways.

In an active response to consumption upgrading and the advent of the Internet of Things era, SAIC is joining hands with partners in building a smart transport center focusing on “cars on the Internet”. SAIC’s Roewe i6 and RX5 have secured a leading position hard for others to overtake, and also will contribute to fostering a smart transport ecosystem. SAIC will accelerate product upgrading and revolution, and roll out various new products based on all-new platforms, dynamic systems and concepts in a bid to bring unprecedented user experiences.
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