Roewe takes leading position in internet vehicles market

Roewe takes leading position in internet vehicles market

Auto manufacturer SAIC Motor unveiled a number of new products at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, displaying the company’s innovative achievements and ushering visitors into the era of intelligent vehicles.

The Roewe i6 16T - the world’s first mass-produced internet car and the Roewe ei6 – the world’s first internet new energy car, hit the market on the same day. The Roewe i6 16T earned a Guinness World Records certificate for its 2.99-liter fuel consumption per kilometer.

Roewe takes leading position in internet vehicles market

The pure electric SUV Vision-E Concept and the world’s first internet plug-in hybrid car – the Roewe e950 – also debuted at the show.

Wang Xiaoqiu, vice president of SAIC Motor, said that SAIC Motor will focus on new technologies and develop more products to satisfy customer needs in the new era, bringing them an amazing driving experience.

The two car types feature original designs, Net Blue, Net Green and internet engine technologies, spacious seating, low fuel consumption, low drag coefficient and price, as well as high security features. 

Roewe takes leading position in internet vehicles market

The Roewe i6 16T is equipped with a smart internet system, allowing users to pay for vehicle maintenance, fuel and parking with Alipay. The system also includes of smart navigation, voice interaction, remote control, 4G telecommunication and WiFi functions.

A Net Blue SGE 16TGI turbocharged engine, a six-speed manual transmission and seven-speed twin-clutch transmission gearbox are equipped to suit drivers’ different needs.  

The electric Roewe ei6 offers excellent performance with a combined fuel consumption of 1.5 liters per 100km, maximum driving range of 705km, a 10.4-inch HD touch screen, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and fully electronic gearshift, parking brake and intelligence systems, bringing the ease and comfort of higher level vehicles to this compact car at a price of no more than 190,000 yuan ($27,892), after new energy vehicle tax deductions.

Roewe takes leading position in internet vehicles market

The all new Roewe Vision-E will definitely become the car of future, integrating most of the black technologies available for concept cars. The Vision E incorporates functions like self-driving, auto parking, wireless charging, a 14-inch curved surface screen and a 3-D virtual instrument panel. It can reach speeds 100 km/h within four seconds.

With focus on cutting-edge technologies, quality, internet technology and new energy, SAIC Motor’s brand Roewe has become the top internet vehicle brand in the world. In the first quarter of this year, its sale volume exceeded 90,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 147 percent, among which new energy and internet vehicles accounted for 60 percent.

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