SAIC Passenger Vehicle wins ‘best employer’ 2nd year in a row

对标世界一流名企 上汽乘用车公司连续2年荣膺“中国杰出雇主”

The Top Employers Institute held its “China’s best employers” awards ceremony, in Shanghai, on Jan 15, with 41 companies taking the honor for 2014, and SAIC Motor’s Passenger Vehicle Co coming in fourth for its development and competitiveness and claiming the title for the second consecutive time. The other top four winners were Shanghai Volkswagen, Sino-US United MetLife Insurance Co, BASF, and FAW-Volkswagen.

对标世界一流名企 上汽乘用车公司连续2年荣膺“中国杰出雇主”

This best employer certification is the idea of the Top Employers Institute, in Europe, and was started in 1991, as part of a global human resource management project whereby companies are evaluated in five ways: remuneration, working conditions and benefits, training, career development, and corporate culture. More than 10,000 prominent companies around the world have taken part in this project.

SAIC Motor’s Passenger Vehicle Co firstly took part in 2012 and came in at first place, breaking the strangle-hold on this award by joint-venture automakers. In 2013, the Passenger Vehicle Co’s advantages in the five aspects got it fourth place, which meant outperforming more than 30 major Chinese employers and made it the first State-owned company to make the Top 5 Chinese employers list.

The Passenger Vehicle Co took part in the project on its own, and Wang Dongyu, the executive director of its human resources office, explains “We took the initiative to ask a third-party, an organization, to take a close look at our company, with the goal of taking notes and comparing ourselves with world-class enterprises and evaluate our human resources management and improve competitiveness.”

The Passenger Vehicles Co has worked to improve its competitiveness and considers human resources the key to that. In its seven years, the company has done its best to help rejuvenate China’s auto industry. And, thanks to strong support from SAIC Motor, with its 30 years of experience in the joint-venture auto business, the Passenger Vehicle Co could pool global resources and come up with many car models, create such unusual brands as Roewe and MG, and set out on the corporate management path with respect for knowledge, talent, and technology.

SAIC Motor’s Passenger Vehicle Co saw many achievements, in 2013, in human resources management, via its tutor project, its vehicle testing ground at Lingang, its university-business cooperation, and its labor productivity. The company places a lot of importance on team-building and has worked hard to raise the satisfaction level of its employees. And, the best employer award shows that SAIC Motor’s Passenger Vehicle Co has wide recognition as a top company by professionals and society in general.

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