SAIC Motor, Alibaba join hands in building China’s first ‘Internet car’

SAIC Motor, Alibaba join hands in building China’s first ‘Internet car’

SAIC Motor and Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group will cooperate in building China’s first “Internet car” for the future. The two will also develop related application services help launch a new motor ecosystem, according to a cooperation agreement they signed in Shanghai on July 23.

Internet has brought about the biggest and most profound revolution of the century and is changing people’s lives in all ways. Automobiles, in particular, are increasingly merging with the mobile Internet. Consumers no longer buy cars merely for transportation purposes -- they hope to get a whole package of travel solutions and enjoy one-stop services.

Centering on satisfying consumer demands, SAIC Motor's independent products took the lead in launching inkaNet, the telematics system. After experimenting five years in the Internet field, SAIC Motor's inkaNet system carried by its new Roewe 550 has evolved from providing online navigation and information/entertainment services to including long-distance diagnosis of car problems as well as safety and protection services. Furthermore, inkaNet enables interaction between computer, cellphone and car screens and facilitate information sharing in the cloud, extending its reach into car owners’ daily life.

To better meet various car use needs in the whole life cycle of the car, SAIC Motor and Alibaba plan to merge each other’s advantageous resources into the Internet life circle, and to build brand-new “networked cars” that will allow users to get better experience and more convenience from the Internet-based mobile smart ecosystem.

Targeting end-user experience, the two companies will integrate Alibaba's Yun operating system, big data, Ali communication, Autonavi navigation technology, Aliyun cloud computing and Xiami music with SAIC Motor’s resources in car and parts R&D and auto service trade, open and merge Internet and big data services. They will also provide users with smart travel solutions through combining and optimizing the two companies’ online and offline resources.

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