SAIC Motor selected as one of China’s most respected companies

SAIC Motor (stock code: 600104) recently made the list of China’s Top 100 Listed Companies Most Respected by Investors.

With the approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the event was co-organized by the China Association for Public Companies and the China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corp. The event also had the support of the Securities Association of China and the Asset Management Association of China.

The activity to select the list of companies lasted nearly four months and involved reviewing comprehensive performances of China’s listed companies in the last three years. 300 companies were selected into a candidate list, which was then whittled down to the top 100 winners by votes from 5,500 individual investors and 800 institutional investors.

Selection criteria included the companies’ earnest implementation of laws and regulations; honest and proper operations; attachment of importance to investor relations management and investor protection; active rewarding of investors and taking social responsibilities; disclosure of company information in a proper, full, timely and effective manner; innovation awareness and capabilities, together with good or significantly improved business performance; and good corporate governance.

Since the group was listed on the stock market in 2011, SAIC Motor has set new heights in car sales, revenues, net profits and net assets, laying a solid foundation for rewarding investors, supporting the company’s stable and sustainable growth and ensuring benefits for its long, medium and short-term investors.

Compared with figures before the group went public in 2011, SAIC Motor’s car sales neared 5.11 million units in 2013, up 42.5 percent; revenues totaled 565.8 billion yuan ($91.2 million), up 54.7 percent; net profits reached 24.8 billion yuan ($3.99 million), up 51.3 percent; total assets hit 373.64 billion yuan ($60.23 million), up 31.1 percent; and net assets totaled 137.76 billion yuan ($22.2 million), up 58.5 percent.

SAIC Motor has paid a great deal of attention to rewarding its investors. Cash dividends distributed by the company to investors have been on the rise in recent years. Since 2011, the company has paid out 23.15 billion yuan ($3.73 million) in cash dividends. In 2013 alone, it handed out cash dividends worth 13.23 billion yuan ($2.13 million), which amounted to 53.4 percent of its net profits that year. In 2013, on the day when the company announced its plan to pay out 12 yuan ($1.93) per 10 shares to investors, its stock price closed at 12.81 yuan ($2.06) per share, meaning the dividend yield or dividend-price ratio was as high as 9.37 percent.

In the future, SAIC Motor will continue to abide by the law and regulations, as well as regulators’ requirements, stick to honest and proper operations, improve the quality of information disclosure, enhance management over investor relations and actively share benefits with investors.

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