SAIC issues innovation-driven development strategy

SAIC Motor Corp released its innovation-driven development strategy -- “Vision, Mission, Core Values” on June 30, 2015.


Profound changes have been taking place in market trends, consumers’ demands and competition in the motor industry in recent years. SAIC will transform its development strategy of expansion of scale into an innovation-driven one, focusing on the transformation into a manufacturer of a full-range products and supplier of comprehensive services from a traditional production-oriented enterprise, and spare no effort to develop its self-owned brands as well as exploring business opportunities abroad.

Since SAIC has been brought to a new historical starting point, it is necessary to inject more innovative elements into the company’s top-level designs, which will be significant for promoting its new development strategy.

SAIC has been committed to developing into a world famous auto manufacturer. According to the company, the essential feature of the “vision” in its new strategy is “innovative”, and building an innovative enterprise; its “mission” highlights the strategy of “market-driven”, which is the motivation for innovation, “an outstanding workforce” is the decisive force for innovation, “continuous innovation of products and services” are the main channels for innovation, and “creating value for stakeholders” is the goal for all efforts. In the “core values”, the “integrity”, “responsibility” and “collaboration” refer to SAIC’s expectation on its employees’ personalities while “innovation”, “enterprising”, and “aspiration” refers to its expectation on the employees’ careers.

As an essential part of its corporate culture, SAIC’s new development strategy will integrate with the corporate culture and support the company’s innovation-driven development as well as other important tasks such as brand building and market value management. Under its guidance, the company will speed up its pace to build a globally-recognized company with brand influence and international competitiveness.

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