SAIC Motor, Shanghai’s Jiading district to launch new energy car rental service

上汽与嘉定区成立新能源汽车租赁公司 5年推广30万辆

SAIC Motor recently inked a deal with Shanghai’s Jiading district government to set up a new energy car rental company.

The cooperation memorandum and a framework agreement involves a five-year plan to promote new energy cars, providing more than 5,000 vehicles in Shanghai in 2016, with the number expected to exceed 50,000 by 2018 covering 100 cities and 300,000 at home and abroad by 2020. The company aims to become the largest service center for new energy vehicles in the world.


上汽与嘉定区成立新能源汽车租赁公司 5年推广30万辆

SAIC has taken the lead in the new-energy vehicle segment with its cutting-edge energy technology and complete industrial chain. The ROEWE E50 highlights security by solving the core technologies of e-cars, including batteries, electric motors and electric controls. It can go as far as 170 kilometers on a single charge if driven at a speed of 60 kph, and has a top speed of 220 kph.

上汽与嘉定区成立新能源汽车租赁公司 5年推广30万辆

The ROEWE E550 plug-in hybrid features fuel consumption as little as 1.6 liter per 100 kilometers with the ability to go 60 kilometers in full-electric mode and 600 kilometers at the hybrid mode. Equipped with the inkaNet5.0 smart network vehicle system, it is the most intelligent new energy vehicle in the country.

The ROEWE E950, China’s first mid-and high-end new energy car, is due to hit the market soon, utilizing SAIC’s two core technologies – NetBlue and NetGreen, it has a maximum power of 150 horsepower and a fuel consumption of 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The car is expected by many to take the lead in the new energy auto industry, with low emissions and low fuel consumption.

Since 2014, many new energy car rental companies have bought vehicles including ROEWE E50 and E550, and gave positive feedback.

Promoting new energy vehicles is a key part of the central government’s 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020). The cooperation with Shanghai’s Jiading district is also considered a move of SIAC Motor to promote new energy car rental services and foster the growth in the new energy auto sector.
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