Diversified products a highlight of SAIC Motor’s strengthen

Diversified products a highlight of SAIC Motor’s strengthen

Smart cars were a hit at the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, with various innovative products including Roewe Vision E, MG electric concept car, SAIC Maxus V80, Buick VELITE 5, Chevrolet FNR-X t car, on display.

At the exhibition, at least a dozen car manufacturers have unveiled car models, including SAIC SUV Teramont, Tiguan L, Skoda KODIAQ, Cadillac ESCALA concept car.

SAIC Motor, China’s largest automaker, debuted a series of new models along with innovative technologies at the Shanghai auto show on April 19, bringing customers a range of vehicles to meet their diverse needs.

SAIC’s exhibition area covered over 25,000 square meters, showcasing over 100 cars, 10 vehicle types and 40 components with innovative technologies.

A large heart-shaped augmented reality interactive “Innovation Eye” was a highlight of SAIC’s exhibition. The 5-meter long and 8-meter wide display was comprised of 94 screens showcasing SAIC’s technologies in new energy, the internet, self-driving vehicles, e-commerce and time-sharing car rental.

Before the exhibition, SAIC displayed one of its intelligent-driving vehicles, the MG iGS, on April 6 in Jiading district, Shanghai, displaying new functions such as direction changing, auto navigation and dual control.

Keen on the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), electric vehicle (EV) and fuel cell technologies, SAIC Motor has launched over 10 passenger and business vehicles.

Meanwhile, its electric drive unit (EDU) highlights low energy costs, earning first place at the 2016 China Automotive S&T Award Ceremony. The company’s self-owned battery management system (BMS) is an industry leader in China with its high security and low attenuation. Besides, the fuel consumption level of the electrical control system is among the world’s best.

In 2016, sales of new energy vehicles under SAIC’s self-owned brands increased 84 percent year-on-year to surpass 25,000 units. In 2017, SAIC Motor plans to launch more new brands to improve the sales of new energy vehicles to over 80,000 units.

Models from Roewe RX5, i6, MG ZS, SAIC Maxus T60 and D90 added to the lineup of internet vehicles demonstrating SAIC Motor's research and development direction to customers.

In July 2016, SAIC Motor launched the Roewe RX5, the world’s first internet-connected SUV. With monthly sales of 20,000 units, the RX5 has become a mainstream product in the domestic SUV market, marking SAIC’s first step in building its self-owned internet vehicle brand.

SAIC Motor has built a platform for internet cars to offer customers differentiated products and services by improving systems, products and services, and analyzing data.  The platform will be renewed every three months.

Since its launch, it has been renewed in two versions with eight new services. In 2017, there will be four iterations adding 19 services together with service providers and content providers, covering maintenance, insurance, rule violation, fueling, charging, parking, cleaning, news, catering and self-driving tours.

SAIC Motor has completed the development of two generations of intelligent vehicle platforms, and has also conducted research on the technology of self-driving on highways and in urban areas. It owns the independent intellectual properties of the second-generation platform, including core components, index definition and supplier selection. SAIC Motor is now working on the V2X (vehicle-to-everything communication) system based on 5G communications technology.

SAIC also launched the website, the first OTO e-commerce platform in China. Its registered users increased by 3 million in 2016 and the number of Chexiangjia outlets increased to 700. Online sales volume reached 30,000.

SAIC has founded the Global Car Sharing & Rental Co Ltd to offer timeshare leasing of electric cars. In 2016, the car-sharing company launched 8,400 new energy cars and built 2,800 charging stations in 20 cities. The registered member number has exceeded 450,000, with monthly orders topping 280,000. The service is scheduled to cover 100 cities in 2020, with 300,000 vehicles.

Global Car Sharing & Rental will focus on the technologies of auto charging, intelligent parking and solar energy storage to build itself into a world-class timeshare rental service provider of new energy vehicles.

In the future, SAIC Motor will continue to promote innovation to build itself into a world-renowned auto company with a full range of products and services. It also aims to offer more energy-saving, comfortable, intelligent and safer products and services.

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