SAIC Motor determined to enter Indian market

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited on June 29 announced that it would enter the Indian market with the construction of a production base in the country.

The move saw SAIC Motor making a further step towards becoming a renowned auto enterprise with international competitiveness and influence. The decision is also a response to the national Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Changes in world economic patterns have opened up a broader space for the robust growth of emerging markets. India, a representative emerging market, is expected to become the third-biggest automobile market by 2020. SAIC Motor will now export vehicles and offer complete supply chains to the country.

SAIC Motor plans to employ local teams authorized to do preparatory work at the base in India which is expected to open in 2019. Based on the research and development capabilities of SAIC Motor, the facility will produce new energy vehicles and Internet vehicles meeting the demands of Indian customers.

All products to be launched in India will be sold under the MG brand, ranked eighth among passenger vehicle brands in Thailand and well received by the Australian and New Zealand markets.  

The BRI’s implementation brought SAIC Motor an opportunity to expand its overseas markets. Having now established an innovative center in Silicon Valley, built market networks in 15 countries and regions like ASEAN, the Middle East, South and North America and Europe, and built production bases in Thailand and Indonesia.

SAIC Motor continues to promote transformation and innovation, constantly upgrading its resources and products through keen development, and is moving closer to its goal of helping to strengthen the Chinese auto industry and achieve world renown.

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