Industrial giants cooperate to develop intelligent driving


SAIC Motor Corporation Limited agreed upon a cooperation framework with China Mobile Communications Corporation and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai on June 28, 2017.

The framework was designed to improve intelligent travel services and advance the development of the C-V2X, a vehicle safety and automatic driving technology. Expected to promote cooperation between the communications and automobile industries, the agreement brings together giants of their respective fields.

Playing to their advantages in technology, industry and markets, the three parties aim to build an intelligent travel system and industrial ecosystem based on C-V2X technology. The trio plans to provide products, services and solutions for intelligent travel by 2019, and to provide commercial services for smart city and intelligent transportation systems by 2020.

The reaction speed of C-V2X is projected to advance from its current server-second rate to mere milliseconds. Intelligent functions, including warnings for lane changing, traffic lights, intersections and green waves will all be gradually realized.

All three parties are platinum members of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), an international alliance of vehicle enterprises, chip manufacturers and communications companies. The alliance was established to provide solutions for intelligent transportation and travel, as well as smart city solutions. SAIC Motor joined the association in January of this year as the sole Asian automobile enterprise.

Following industry, market and technology trends, SAIC Motor developed a strategic layout for electrification, interconnection, intelligence and sharing that strives to improve capabilities in technological development and research, and to bring more intelligent vehicles to customers.

SAIC Motor completed development of its intelligent driving platform and began testing automatic driving on expressways, in urban areas and in motorcades. The total test mileage of the vehicle has exceeded 36,000 kilometers while SAIC Motor’s intelligent driving technology has reached level four. There are five levels of intelligent driving technology: no automation, driver assistance, partial automation, conditional automation and full automation.

SAIC Motor also cooperated with Shanghai’s Tongji University in establishing the first intelligent driving test facility in China. The facility provides main roads, crossroads and intelligent parking lots, and can simulate various environmental effects like rain, fog and icy conditions. Pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are also to be found among the 105 traffic scenes at the base.

SAIC Motor aims to continue promoting cooperation with other industrial giants to encourage core competitiveness and grow to be a comprehensive provider of auto products and services

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