SAIC pioneer HD map for intelligent driving

上汽携手光庭信息发力高精地图 智能驾驶助汽车龙头“换挡加速”

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor) made a further step in promoting intelligent driving by signing an agreement with Wuhan KOTEI Informatics Co Ltd to develop a high-definition (HD) map in Wuhan on Sept 28.

The HD map is a key part of intelligent driving as it can provide real-time data for the decision making system. It can get location information in advance before providing precise route planning, collect data about areas that are inaccessible to cameras and radar monitoring, and recognize traffic signs, such as traffic lights, tunnels and pedestrian crossings, to provide information for judgment and decision-making. 

Taking development trends in technology, markets and industry as guidance, SAIC Motor is striving to promote an innovative transformation featuring electricity, interconnection, intelligence and sharing. The cooperation with KOTEI is expected to promote SAIC Motor’s advantages in intelligent driving and thus bring about more innovative intelligent vehicles for customers.

Intelligent driving has been a focus for automobile and internet enterprises, and SAIC Motor has been a pioneer in the field. Cooperating with Tongji University, it has established China’s first intelligent driving test base, which occupies 91 hectares and can simulate more than 100 traffic scenarios. SAIC Motor also joined hands with China Mobile Communications Corporation and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd to promote the development of wireless communication technology C-V2X, which is expected to provide commercial services for the intelligent transportation system of smart cities. These projects and the development of the HD map signify that SAIC Motor plans to increase its annual sales of automobile to 1 million.

SAIC Motor has developed two generations of intelligent driving platforms and employed the 5G communication technology on its platform for the internet of vehicles. It has also started research on automatic driving technology in natural traffic environments, such as driving on expressways and in urban areas. The accumulative mileage of vehicle tests has exceeded 40,000 kilometers and the technical grade has reached level four – conditional intelligent driving, only second to fully intelligent driving.

In the future, SAIC Motor will further promote its innovative development strategy to become a globally competitive and influential provider of travel services and vehicles.

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