SAIC Motor shines at Beijing exhibition

SAIC Motor presented some 100 new vehicle models to the public at the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on April 25.

Exhibition grounds covered a more than 10,000-square-meter area, with the automobiles representing SAIC Motor showcasing the corporation’s high-level of innovation. In line with the development trends in technology, the market and the industry, SAIC Motor is implementing a development strategy featuring “electrification, the smart internet, sharing and internalization”, striving to promote innovation and transformation while simultaneously maintaining its competitive edge.

Roewe MARVEL X leads innovation

SAIC Motor brought the world’s first mass-produced intelligent vehicle, the Roewe MARVEL X, to the exhibition. The vehicle demonstrated the industry’s latest research and development achievements in new energy, internet and intelligent drive.

The Roewe MARVEL X was manufactured according to the design of the Vision-E X Concept Car. It is installed with an i-Drive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, which allows it to accelerate to a speed of 100 km/h in just four seconds. The online and offline services were both made available for viewing at the event, allowing prospective-customers the opportunity to explore the processes.

Due to its use of advanced technologies, the Roewe MARVEL X has become the world leader in five areas. It is world first mass-production vehicle that is installed with augmented reality (AR) technology which makes navigation more precise and visual. The internet intelligent system Version 3.0 and 14-inch screen provide a more interactive experience for the driver. The vehicle is also able to prepare to be driven when it senses the driver approaching. The Roewe MARVEL X, a purely electric vehicle, can be charged through its intelligent wireless charging system. It can also find a parking bay and park autonomously.

The Roewe MARVEL X can be ordered in June and will be delivered to customers in September. It is expected to bring more efficient, intelligent and considerate driving experiences for drivers.

Signature products showcased at the exhibition

SAIC Motor also brought signature products of its self-owned brands; Roewe, MG and Maxus to the exhibition. The Roewe RX8, a flagship product of the brand, is installed with an efficient dynamic system at a 30T S level, ALL-DRIVE system, Super Pilot intelligent active driving assist and the latest AliOS system. Equipped with seven seats, the vehicle can provide an ample amount of space for passengers.

The MG X-motion Concept car made its debut at the exhibition. Designed for younger drivers, the vehicle boasts a fashionable and impressive appearance.

Maxus also released its bionic pure electric SUV concept car, the Tarantula. The name suggests that the car is capable of tackling all kinds of terrain. Another highlight of the vehicle is that its mileage endurance is at more than 600 kilometers. 

The All New Lavida Plus is China’s first mass-produced vehicle that employs a similar design of Volkswagen. In addition to its elegant appearance, it has a clean, neat and secure interior. Though being sold on the automobile market at an A+ level, the vehicle provides a driving experience comparable to that of a large family car. Targeted at younger urban drivers, tha SUV Skoda Kamiq, is designed in an artistic and young style. It also provides a great deal of space and an intelligent online interaction system.

SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited exhibited its signature products at the exhibition. The plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Buick Velite 6, with its extended endurance mileage, provides an outstanding performance and fuel economy. The pure electric SUV Buick Enspire concept car is Buick’s latest design for intelligent travel. The Cherolet Equinox Redline and the All New Cruze Redline made their debut at the exhibition and are expected to come onto the market later this year. Caddilac’s flagship sedans; the CT6, SUV XT5, XTS and ATS-L, as well as the full-size SUV demonstrated the “new luxury” style that Caddilac has been aiming for.

SAIC General Motor Wuling Co Ltd brought its six-seater Baojun 360 to the exhibition. The vehicle is easy to drive and park. Its 2,750-millimeter long wheel base and flexible layout of seats provides a comfortable traveling experience for passengers. With an artistic appearance and cozy interior, the fashionable Baojun 360 also represents the best of what science and technological developments have to offer. The dual airbag, tire pressure monitor and other security configurations ensure the complete safety of everyone within the vehicle.


The 2018 Baojun 310W was officially launched at the exhibition. Installed with manual-automatic transmission, the vehicle has improved on its appearance and security configurations. In March, the sales volume of the Baojun 310 series was at 28,576, being the only model of self-owned brands among the top 5 bestselling cars. The Bojun 310W is expected to improve the series’ competitiveness in the market.

Other vehicle models also showcased at the exhibition included the Maxus RV80, Pickup T60, Iveco Daily Van and MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), Hongyan Genlycon recreational vehicle, and heavy-cargo transportation vehicle.

A comprehensive provider of travel services and vehicle products

Since the launch of the world’s first internet vehicle – the Roewe RX - in 2016, SAIC Motor has been working to set up an ecosystem of internet vehicles that can integrate automobile products with services. At the exhibition, visitors could get a closer look at its signature internet vehicles, such as the Roewe RX5, Roewe i6, Roewe RX3, New MG 6 and MG ZS. As of now, the cumulative sales of SAIC-own-brand internet cars have exceeded 600,000 and the ecosystem covering finance, insurance, navigation and entertainment has been formed. The Hellobanma 2.0 version will be released soon, with customers of the internet car available to OTA (over the air), can optimize voice control and navigation systems, open Alipay and enjoy smart parking and fueling services.

SAIC Motor has proven to be a pioneer in customized production by employing the production mode of Customer to Business (C2B). The full-size internet SUV Maxus D90 is one of those that was manufactured based on customers’ demands. With the Maxus’ “spider” intelligent chooser, the clients can also select configuration for their cars online and place orders at home. The engineers will then design and produce the car according to customers’ desires. With the Calendar Booking System, the clients can also check the production and transportation process and decide on a delivery date that suits them. 

The exhibited pure electric SUV Roewe ERX5, a very popular new-energy vehicle model, is the major undertaker for SAIC’s car sharing business. By the end of 2017, Global Car Sharing & Rental Co Ltd put 6,000 Roewe ERX5 into use to provide greener travelling solutions to the public. As the world’s biggest new energy vehicle sharing enterprise founded by SAIC Motor, Global Car Sharing has extended its business to 62 cities in China. With 27,000 vehicles in operation, it can provide services for its 2.6 million registered members. 

SAIC Motor keeps expanding overseas markets to export its products and services to foreign countries. The exhibited MG ZS is also being sold in Thailand. Installed with the internet car system i-SMART –the world’s first voice control system that supports Thai language - MG ZS presents a driving experience that provides a sense of future for young Thai people. In terms of its global business layout, SAIC Motor has established production bases in Thailand, Indonesia and India, research and development centers in Britain, the US and Israel, and 13 overseas marketing and service centers in the Middle East, South America, ASEAN countries, Australia and Europe. Its products are exported to the markets of developed countries, such as Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. In 2017, SAIC achieved overseas sales of 170,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 31.8 percent and ranking first in China for two consecutive years.

For the future, SAIC Motor will continue to develop while focusing on “electrification, smart internet, sharing and internalization”, strive to employ the technologies of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence in the automobile industry with the aim of becoming a comprehensive supplier of travel services and vehicle products with international competitiveness and influence.

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor), the largest auto company on China's A-share market (Stock Code: 600104), provides a full-range travel services and vehicle products for customers.

In 2017, SAIC Motor’s vehicle sales exceeded 6.93 million, a year-on-year increase of 6.8 percent, much higher than the average growth rate of the automobile industry’s 3.3 percent. It was listed among the Fortune Global 500 for the 13th time and ranked 41st. Its market capitalization reached 400 million yuan ($63.16 million).


SAIC Motor's business covers research, production and vehicle sales of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company is actively promoting new energy vehicles as well as the commercialization of Internet-connected cars. It is exploring intelligent driving technology as well as exploring research and industrialization solutions. It mainly engages in the research and development, production and sales of parts for motor systems, chassis systems, interior and exterior designs, batteries, electric drivers, powerful electronics and other new energy vehicles. The core components of the intelligent product system are; auto-related services such as logistics, e-commerce, travel, energy saving and charging service; auto-related finance, insurance and investment services; overseas business and international trade; and the layout of industries of big data and artificial intelligence.

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