SAIC secures China's first road test license to mass produce intelligent cars

SAIC Motor Corp Ltd (SAIC Motor), the largest automotive manufacturer in China, obtained the country's first license which allows open road tests of intelligent driving cars on March 1.

As China’s top company in intelligent driving, SAIC Motor plans to release mass-produced cars this year, equipped with its advanced intelligent driving technologies to help improve traffic flow, parking access and driving safety.

Since 2013, SAIC Motor has been researching on intelligent driving in closed laboratories, roads, expressways, underground parking garages and other specific areas. The total vehicle testing distance has reached 50,000 kilometers.

And now, it has made a series of theoretical innovation achievements.

SAIC Motor is collaborating with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and China Mobile Communications Corporation to improve intelligent travel services, advance the development of C-V2X, a vehicle safety and automatic driving technology, and also provide commercial services for smart city and intelligent transportation systems.

SAIC Motor is currently the one and only Asian automobile company with membership in the board of directors of 5GAA (The 5G Automotive Association), a global, cross-industry organization of companies from the automotive, technology, and telecommunications industries working together to develop end-to-end solutions for future mobility and transportation services.

In addition to owning the intelligent driving test license in California, United States, SAIC Motor is also the first to be awarded road test license for intelligent driving cars in China.

In M-CITY, University of Michigan's automated vehicle testing facility, SAIC Motor has finished all DSRC tests (Dedicated Short Range Communications), one-way or two-way short-range to medium-range wireless communication channels specifically designed for automotive use and a corresponding set of protocols and standards.

Since high-definition (HD) map is a key part of intelligent driving, SAIC Motor has developed a cooperative relationship with Wuhan KOTEI Informatics Co Ltd to promote its advantages in intelligent driving and thus to bring about more innovative intelligent vehicles for its customers.

Earlier this year, SAIC took further steps to sign an agreement with Mobileye, a leading supplier of intelligent driving solutions. SAIC Motor will equip its first-generation intelligent driving central controller with the latest vision chip produced by Mobileye.

SAIC Motor has been a pioneer in intelligent driving test. Cooperating with Tongji University. It has established China’s first intelligent driving test base, which occupies 91 hectares and can simulate more than 100 traffic scenarios.

SAIC Motor, till date, possesses development capability on intelligent driving system with independent intellectual property rights. It has completed the development of two generations of intelligent vehicle platforms, and built “cars on the internet” platform with 5th Generation communication technologies.

In the future, SAIC Motor will equip its brand cars of Roewe, MG and Maxus with intelligent driving technologies and will continue to accelerate the development of intelligent driving technologies.

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