SAIC Motor cooperates with China Mobile to create first mass-produced 5G internet vehicle

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SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor for short) signed an agreement with China Mobile Communications Corporation (China Mobile for short) on Nov 6, 2018, to jointly explore future studies and applications of multiple areas such as a 5G communications network, internet-based smart vehicles, an intelligent transportation system (ITS), an in-vehicle entertainment system, overseas resource coordination and the industrial internet. The two industry-leading companies will work together to create the first mass-produced 5G internet vehicle and promote the upgrading of intelligent internet-connection technologies, so as to drive the development of China’s auto industry via the 5G communications technology.

Jointly promote the upgrading of China’s intelligent internet-connection technologies

In the field of smart internet-connected enhanced positioning systems, the two companies will jointly develop Space-Air-Ground integrated enhanced positioning network services to equip intelligent drive and mobility services with high-precision positioning.

In terms of smart internet-connected hardware and facilities, we will jointly establish an innovation lab to develop intelligent hardware, facilities and platforms, as well as data services, for smart driving and parking.

As for the technology collaboration in ITS services, we will jointly develop and operate a cloud platform for smart transportation services, to share the data and develop related services together.

Jointly create the first 5G mass-produced internet car

The two companies plan to jointly create a new smart internet-based vehicle equipped with services dedicated to car using, and vigorously drive the mass production of the first 5G internet car.

We will explore cooperation in passenger vehicle sales and car-using data sharing, and develop car owner focused solutions in terms of in-vehicle entertainment and car-using.

We will also jointly expand international businesses for smart internet-based cars, and cooperate in such areas as in-vehicle internet access and traffic management and operations to facilitate people’s overseas travel.

Jointly enhance the industrial internet level

In constructing the industrial intranet, the two companies will apply 5G technologies such as the enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) (e.g. AR/VR and glass-free 3D), ultra reliable & low latency communication (uRLLC) (e.g. wireless connection in the plant, and internet of vehicles), and massive machine type communication (mMTC) (e.g. mass internet of things and smart parking), to facilitate the unified construction of the smart plant’s transmission protocol, standard and media, conduct the digital transformation of the smart plant’s equipment and devices, and together drive the development of the industrial internet of smart manufacturing.

In establishing the industrial internet platform, the two companies will jointly carry out the planning, building and maintenance of the cloud computing resource pool and big data platform. Meanwhile, we will collaborate in developing AI functions such as smart searching and semantic analysis based on cloud computing and big data.

As automobiles are constantly evolving in the new round of deep integration of internet technologies and the real economy, SAIC Motor will continue to work closely with partners to innovate and provide better services and products , so as to create a better experience for car users.
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