World’s first mass-produced smart car of SAIC Motor goes on market and fulfills first delivery order


SAIC Roewe Marvel X, a smart internet-based power-driven super SUV, went on the market at Shanghai Expo Park on Sept 30, and the first 500 units of the car were delivered to clients. Independently developed by SAIC Motor and featuring the combination of “electricity, internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and vehicles”, the SUV represents the world’s first application of intelligent driving technologies in mass-produced cars, as well as the latest exploration of SAIC Motor in the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and China’s automotive industry.

As the world’s first mass-produced smart power-driven super SUV, SAIC Roewe Marvel X boasts the function of self-parking that supports parking in an intelligent parking lot. Specifically, the car can fulfill autonomous driving in the lot, look for parking space, identify parking space, and drive in or out of the space. Through these functions, it becomes a reliable vehicle for people to get acquainted to the ways of the smart city and experience smart transportation in their life and work.


The fact that SAIC Motor realizes the world’s first application of intelligent driving technologies in mass-production cars is a result of the company’s active planning and practical action in the field of smart internet-based car technologies in recent years. SAIC Motor has so far finished developing two generations of self-driving vehicle platforms, with the total distance in car testing topping 70,000 kilometers. It has also obtained the first license in China to conduct road tests of smart internet-based vehicles, and has tested its vehicles on over 5,000 km of open roads since March 1.  In addition, SAIC Motor has made a solid technology and business layout in key areas such as the intelligent engine control unit (i-ECU), in-vehicle infotertainment system based on human-computer interaction, and high-precision map for vehicles and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. In late June, the automaker established the first AI lab in China's auto industry, which focuses on its abundant service areas where AI can be applied, provides related solutions and drives the overall development of its innovative areas such as intelligent driving. As planned, SAIC Motor will endeavor to commercialize the autonomous vehicle technology in a large-scale fleet, on expressways and in urban areas in the next two years.

In addition to the intelligent cruise control (ICC) system with a full speed range of 0 to 150 km/h and the AI Pilot intelligent driving auxiliary system for self-parking, SAIC Roewe Marvel X, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km/h within 4 seconds and having a maximum range of 500 km, is also equipped with multiple industry-leading technologies such as the Banma 3.0 smart system for internet-based vehicles that can conduct an intelligent planning of the travel routes while taking into consideration the energy consumption, the AR-Driving lane-level augmented reality driving auxiliary system that presents the real road scene, and the iBooster intelligent electrically controlled brake system that can increase 15.4 percent of the range. SAIC Roewe Marvel X is embarking on the in-depth integration of “electricity, internet, artificial intelligence (AI) and vehicles”.

Looking into the future, we expect a harmonious and orderly life brought by smarter, safer and more environment-friendly vehicles, where there will be no more traffic lights on the road and everyone can realize the dream of driving a car. At that time, humans will truly live in harmony with nature, everything can be recycled, and a beautiful life without pollution can be a reality. SAIC Motor will keep following the auto industry’s development trends by becoming more electrically-powered, internet-connected, sharing-based and internationally-focused, try its best to build itself into a world-renowned innovative automaker, and work unremittingly to make the world cleaner, freer and more harmonious.

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