Mobility and service

SAIC Motor mobility and service segment focuses on building up a core platform for mobility and manufacturing service to facilitate the construction of a complete ecological industrial chain. Major companies within the business segment include Shanghai Chexiang Technology Industry Co.,Ltd., SAIC Anji Logistics Co.,Ltd., Global Car Sharing & Rental Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Automotive Asset Management Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Automotive Industrial Sales Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Automotive Industrial Activity Center Co.,Ltd., Shanghai SAIC Mobility and Technology Service Co.,Ltd., SAIC Group Beijing Co.,Ltd., China National Automotive Industrial Investment and Development Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Shanghong Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Donghua Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.

Service trade member enterprise

Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co Ltd

Founded in 1993, Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited specializing in the sale and service of vehicles of different brands.

With Anji as its service brand, the company is devoted to providing professional and standard automotive sales and services to Chinese customers, in a continuing effort to establish itself as China's most reliable automotive service brand.

Anji has become a well-known automobile dealer group over the past two decades, acting as automotive sales and services agent for dozens of brands, including SAIC Roewe, MG, Chase, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, SAIC-Volkswagen, Skoda, Volkswagen Import and Subaru. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has more than 40 service outlets in 15 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuxi, Xiamen and Sanya.

Due largely to its professional service and strength, Anji has been widely recognized by public and industry bodies, earning a series of honorary titles: Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Famous Brand Service, Shanghai Model Unite, and China Machinery Industry Model Unite.

Chexiang is the first full life circle online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce platform built by SAIC Motor in China. Launched in 2014, Chexiang established the unique "Chexiang Model" to provide one-stop and full life circle services to customers. Integrating efficient online operation and qualified offline services, the company covers the"looking, selecting, buying, using and selling" of automobiles. Chexiang is developing its O2O brand, Chexiangjia, an offline physical service system, as part of its efforts to become China's leading automotive aftermarket brand.

Founded in August 2008, Anji Automotive Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited specializing in automotive logistics and providing services for automotive engine and parts manufacturers both at home and abroad.

Anji Logistics is the largest third-party automotive logistics provider in China. Through many years of development, Anji has established businesses covering logistics for complete cars, parts, ports, shipping, international and large logistics. The introduction of advanced technologies and the development of an intelligent visual system have helped Anji establish a logistics supply service chain.

Adhering to an integrity-based enterprise culture, Anji is striving to become a comprehensive supply chain solution provider with global service capabilities and powerful brand influence.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Activity Center was founded in 1995 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. The center has three major sections – Anyomall (industrial businesses), Anyolife (businesses related to life) and hotel businesses.

Anyomall mainly provides industrial services, like the e-procurement of non-production materials, online auctions, procurement consulting, supply chain collaboration, equipment maintenance and storage management to SAIC Motor and related manufacturers. Anyolife is an online service platform cooperating with e-commerce enterprises such as Jingdong, YHD, Shanghai SMG-CJ Homeshopping Co Ltd, and COFCO. Hotel business is conducted at the Blue Palace Hotel where conferences, training and reception activities are provided.

Shanghai Automotive Asset Management was founded by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) on Nov 18, 2002, with a registered capital of 818 million yuan ($123.78 million).

In accordance with the group's development goals, the company formed four business sections: asset management, creative industry, energy and environment protection, and charging.

In 2016, the company achieved sales volume of nearly 800 million yuan and profit of 130 million yuan. The per capita profit surpassed 650,000 yuan, while per capita sales revenue reached 4 million yuan. With the development of such innovative businesses, the company has committed to sustainable development.

Headquartered in Nanjing's Gulou district, Donghua Automotive Industrial sits 3 kilometers from Nanjing Railway Station, 10 km from Nanjing Harbor and 50 km from Nanjing Lukou International Airport. It holds registered capital of 1.08 billion yuan ($16.34 million) and employs approximately 2,000 staff members.

As a key base of SAIC Motor in Nanjing, Donghua concentrates on two major business sections: service trade and parts manufacturing.

Service trade covers material supply, after-market service, import and export of vehicles and parts, logistics of vehicles and parts, automobile sales and service, and the development of commercial and real estate resources, while also supplying steel for SAIC enterprises in Nanjing and providing after-market services such as vehicle sales, leasing and maintenance, to individual customers in Nanjing.

The auto parts manufacturing section is primarily concerned with automobile steering, transmission, stamping welding, non-standard equipment, electronic instruments and accessories. Prominent customers include Nanjing Iveco, Shanghai Volkswagen CP4, SGMW, Beijing Foton and the US company Caterpillar.

Global Car Sharing & Rental Co., Ltd. ("the Company") is an innovation-oriented company based on electric car sharing and rental business, aiming to promote traveling and mobility by means of car sharing. In the faith of "sharing, efficiency and innovation", the Company takes a development path as of "Shanghai based, nationwide distributed and global oriented" to build a world-leading platform and service ecosystem for car sharing.

On May 16, 2016, the Company is jointly established by SAIC Motor and Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd., having the two major car sharing brands from both parties "EVCARD" and "e享天开" fully integrated.

The Company has so far provided car sharing service branded as "EVCARD" in more than 60 cities, with over 13,000 service networks and 40,000 vehicles in operation.

Shanghai SAIC Mobility Technology and Service Co., Ltd. was officially established in April 2018. It is a ride hailing service platform invested and set up by SAIC Motor. Being a strategic brand within SAIC Motor, "享道出行"is committed to satisfy variety users' experiences from "people". Professionalism first and people oriented, "XiangDao" genuinely provides customers with consistent high-quality service and perfect experiences of being comfortable and safe.

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